11 Quick and Fun April Fool's Pranks You Can Do At Home

Looking for fun ways to prank your loved ones this year? We could all use a little laughter and things to take our minds off the current state of the world. We have compiled a list of fun April Fool’s pranks that are simple, quick and easy and can all be done from the comfort of your home. 

  1. Change the clocks - A simple way to trick those around you and get a good laugh. Try and keep a straight face as your family tries to figure out the right time.
  2. Taste the soil - A great one for the whole family. Gather up some planting pots, grab the family and pretend that you are going to be planting some sunflower seeds. Tell them that in order to make sure that soil is ready and good for planting, they need to taste it! Go ahead and dig right in so they know that you are serious. Watch their faces as they taste the ‘soil’ and realize it is actually dirt pudding 
  3. Have a tween or teen? Grab their phone or iPad and swap out their wallpaper photo for something a bit more embarrassing. Perhaps a photo of mom and dad kissing, a photo of them as a kid during a rather mortifying moment or any photo that would make your teen cringe.
  4. Morning Surprise - Fill up your kid's cereal bowl the night before. Place in the freezer and come morning time get ready for a breakfast surprise. Get ready to laugh as you watch your kid try and get their spoon through the frozen milk. 
  5. Grab some plastic tape and place a small piece of tape over the remote control sensor. Try not to laugh as you watch your kids or spouse struggle to turn the TV on. Wonder how many tries it will take until they get up and turn the TV on manually. 
  6. Mailbox Surprise - This one is perfect if you have kids that enjoy getting the mail. Right after the mail comes head out to the mailbox and put something spooky (think Halloween decorations) sitting on top of the mail. Big plastic spiders work really well! 
  7. A sure-fire way to get some laughs is to change the color of the water coming from the faucet in the bathroom sink. If you happen to have a few dye pellets laying around from dying those Easter eggs, simply unscrew your faucet and place a few pellets under there. When they turn the water on they will be shocked to see colored water coming out from the sink. Simple and safe- get the cameras ready for this one.
  8. Want to make the whole family laugh first thing in the morning? Glue googly eyes on everything in the fridge. Ask your spouse or kids to go grab you something from the fridge and see what happens.
  9. Have some extra bubble wrap laying around the house from all those stay at home deliveries you are getting? Grab one and place them under a small area rug or a bath mat. Listen for the sound of an explosion (and possibly a scream or too) as your unsuspecting victim discovers their hidden land mines.
  10. Any Jello lying around the house? Trick the family and make some ‘drinks’ , give them a straw and act like you made them a special drink. Watch as they struggle to sip and try your best not to laugh.
  11. Trying to figure out how to prank your close friends while maintaining social distancing? For a small fee ($2.00) you can anonymously send your friend 10 random facts about cats, dogs, sloths or even Nicolas Cage. Best part about it- you get to see their replies and the conversation. Choose how often and how many facts you want to send and let the good  times begin.

We all need a little fun, so take the time and play some pranks this April Fool’s Day, Whoever gets in the last prank wins the day! If you happen to be drinking from a PortoVino just make sure to check that your family didn’t prank you before you sip away. Happy April Fools’ Day everyone!


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