2019 Fashion Trends and What to Drink While Wearing Them

It’s a new year and we think it’s going to be very bold.



Pantone Color of the Year

Living Coral. What better color to start a (hopefully better than 2018) new year. This color is

great for any skin tone and is vibrating with positive energy. Both Gigi Hadid and the most fabulous J-Lo have been spotted head to toe in it...already. And even if you’re not quite sure a full coral ensemble is for you, it makes a sassy lip or cheek color. Any way you wear it, start living in coral and get ready for a very bright new year.

JLo Pantone Dress

Image courtesy of Getty Images via DailyMail UK

What to Drink: Rose - duh.

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the new year, all year, than to drink some rose all day. And ya know what, make that sparkling rose.

Animal Print

More specifically, leopard. May the primal trend reign supreme. Hello, check back to this killer Harper’s Bazaar cover of the one and only Cindy Crawford in August of ‘92. And now that same classic print can be found all over this past Fall’s Fashion Weeks, from Gucci, to Saint Laurent and, case in point, this shot of Versace in Milan just the other week literally head to toe in leopard. So get after your wild side and indulge in some saucy prints.

Animal Print

Right: Versace Fall 2018

What to Drink: Malbec

Animal print is definitely a bold choice when it comes to fashion. Why not pair it with something else bold, like your wine. Malbec is an accessible, medium-bodied red wine that’s notorious for notes of spice and pepper and is perfect for winter weather. But don’t discount it in the summer, too, when it pairs perfectly well with skirt steak and chimichurri on the beach.


Although this trend made it’s fashion comeback in Spring 2018, I still haven’t exactly determined what to do with it. But I’ll tell you what, I sure as heck am excited. There’s a new wave of fringe emerging from the runway that applies to more than just the 20’s fringe flapper dress (not that the flapper dress isn’t one of the greatest pieces of all time) or western, ass-less chaps (nothing wrong with those either). Fringe has come back into play as tight, flowing pleats, light as air feathers and unfinished tweed. With so many options and genres, maybe 2019 will be my year to figure this fringey thing out...and maybe even afford this metallic-fringed mini from Balmain’s Spring 2019 runway. Just kidding, that’ll probably never be a thing.

Champagne Fashion

Balmain Spring 2019

What to Drink: Champagne from a coup.

Need I say more?

Full Silhouette Shorts

Remember when Kim K. brought those terrifying, knee-length bike shorts briefly into trend earlier in 2018? Well praise the fashion gods for giving us the exact opposite of that. Does anyone really like their upper-thighs that much? Maybe if you have the time and resources to engineer them as much as any supermodel or celebrity might, in which go on with it! Fortunately, I don’t so something that offers a far more flattering silhouette is a welcome alternative. Plus these shorts are fresh, fashion-forward and can go from strappy sandal to stiletto and still #werk.

Alexa Chung Spring 2019

Alexa Chung Spring 2019 (right)

What to Drink: Beaujolais

Beaujolais is a beautifully light and fruit-forward red wine that is easy drinking, easy to find, and so perfectly French. They even have a national holiday dedicated to the vintage’s annual release where they pretty much sit and enjoy drinking wine all day. Sounds like we’d fit right in, especially in these tres chic shorts.

Surfer Chic

You know that saying “Dress where you want to be not where you are” well, perhaps I’ve taken it a bit out of context but I will happily dress like I’m vacationing in St. Barths rather than sitting in dreary winter weather any day. That being said, luxe tie-dye and detailed crochet have made a new name for themselves on the runway these past few months. I’d say it’s far chicher rendition of my tie-dye sarong, but hey, something to strive for.

Prosecco Fashion
What to Drink: Cava or Prosecco

Because bubbles mean a celebration. Celebrating a rough day at work or an amazon package or just another Monday, it’s a great way to just enjoy and appreciate life...especially the tie-dye life. #dontworrybehappy


I have butterflies in my stomach just thinking of this trend, let’s just hope it lasts forever. My first attempt at a suit about a year ago (yes, I know I am far ahead of the curve *gives pat on back*) is nothing in comparison to the beautiful suits found all over the runways for Spring 2019. From suit jacket mini dresses, oversized suit jackets and slacks to stand out colors like ::ahem:: neon, suiting has taken the cake when it comes to this years trends. It’s empowering and super sexy in a hella cool, clever and clean way.

Victoria Beckham - Suits

Victoria Beckham as herself, courtesy of Getty Images.

What to Drink: Cabernet or Champagne

I’d like to think it’s fair to say that Champagne is the proper answer to any question. Amiright? But pairing a big, bold glass of red with your bold and beautiful suit is nothing but just as accurate. Whatever you drink with your suit, drink boldly.


Oy. As if ‘Living Coral’ wasn’t enough now we have to figure out how to wear highlighter green this year, too? For someone whose closet is a rainbow of black and gray, this is a tough one. But I’m always up for a challenge - in fashion, that is. I think I can get down with this look by the gorgeous Ashley Graham. Probably sub in some black, high-waisted skinny jeans just to offer some color-wheel “balance”

Sauvignon Blanc Fashion
What to Drink: Sauvignon Blanc

This light, crisp white wine already has notes of neon in its coloration so it seems to me like a pretty perfect pairing. Not to mention it’s a fun, delicious and easy drinking kind of wine that’s perfect for any highlighter soiree.



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