4 Amazing Road Trip Destinations for the wine lover

Road trips, wine tasting and gorgeous views — YES PLEASE! Simply grab your corkscrew, some fabulous sunglasses, a few portable wine glasses throw them all into your Portovino bag and enjoy the views.

Let’s take a peek at some amazing road trips we have chosen that are all about your love for all things wine. Can you already hear that cork popping?  Don’t wait...   read on now!  



Sonoma Valley - Did you know there are over 400 wineries to explore just in Sonoma Valley? Just a short one hour drive from San Francisco along the rugged coast line and nestled in breathtaking redwood forests lies this gorgeous wine country. No matter what your favorite type of wine may be, you are sure to find at least one winery that will delight your taste buds.  Most of the wineries in this region have a heavy focus on the wines that needed a cooler climate — such as the pinot noirs and the chardonnays. So grab your wine glass and head into the tasting rooms and enjoy. Need a little break from wine tasting (wait, is that even possible??) This area boasts a plethora of nature parks, biking trails, as well as some fun water activities. What a fun day!



Willamette Valley - Ah, we just love this area. A place where the great outdoors and the best wines of the Pacific Northwest come together. The Willamette Valley,  best known for Pinot Noir,  is over 150 miles surrounded by the gorgeous Oregon mountains as well as the coastline. Plan to stay a few days and explore some of the most exemplary winemakers in the region. Short on time and want to sample many wines from this region? Head over to Cartlon’s Winemakers in Carlton, Oregon. Here you will find over a dozen wineries all in one place. Enjoy your stay and those gorgeous views you will take in along the way.  To see some specific wineries in the region, click here.



Finger Lakes Region - Perfect location for those who not only love wine but adore spending time in the great outdoors. The region specializes in white wines, such as Riesling, Seyval Blanc and Chardonnay.  With over 100 wineries, refreshing lakes to take a dip in, some great hiking trails, and tons of history, there is something for everyone when taking a break from the wineries. Located in Upstate New York, there are three different wine trails to choose from.  To read about specific wineries to visit in the region, click here.



Leelanau Peninsula - Deemed as one of the best foodie destinations, this scenic location is also home to several amazing wineries. Located right in the heart of Lake Michigan one could easily spend a full week here exploring the five-star restaurants, hiking, boating, and of course the wineries. If you are short on time, hop on one of the many local wine tours and sample some of the best Pinot Grigios, Cabernet Francs, and Rieslings that the region has to offer. Take some pictures and share them with us.  We would love to see you enjoying this gorgeous region up close and personal.  To read about specific wineries to visit in the region, click here.

So many great wineries to explore and so little time, right? No matter where you choose to head out this summer, we hope that you have a great time. Be sure to take the time and enjoy the sights as you sample and taste some of the great wines across the country. And of course, be sure to have your Portovino  handy so you can enjoy your wine, wherever you go. Cheers to an amazing road trip.


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