A few ways to use your Portovino during the pandemic this fall

Let’s face it, we have all learned how to live with the virus. By now, we have mastered the zoom call,  we have learned  to deal with wearing a masks, and have honed in on getting our wine fix no matter how difficult it is to get to the store. We have found some things that have made our lives easier and a little safer, and frankly, we have to put our very own Portovino on this list. Think about it, you can go to friends and family, have a drink and not worry about getting too close during the pour because you brought your own. We've found all sorts of benefits of using the PortoVino during CovidCheck out a few of the ways to use your Portovino Pandemic Style :)

Sanitize anywhere, anytime- Tired of digging through your purse for that bottle of sanitizer? Worried about leaving the house in a hurry and forgetting to grab your good old bottle of Purell? We have a better way. Simply fill your Portovino with the hand santazier of choice and never stress about it again. We don’t suggest you put the Costco size hand sanitizer in your pouch, but with the 750 ml pouches, you can put a family supply in your purse. Ideal for any social situation so you can be sure to keep you and your loved ones safe. 

Firepit Fall Get Togethers - Fall is the perfect time of year to get together with friends around an outdoor fire pit and just relax and unwind. In those good old days (you know before Covid-19), friends would share a drink, maybe bring different cocktails to enjoy and simply not have a care in the world. Today things are a bit different, but that does not mean you cannot enjoy some good times with good friends and of course some good wine (or drinks). Just designate yourself to be the bearer of beverages and fill that Portovino up with your beverage of choice. Set your Portovino on the table and let your friends serve themselves. Perfect way to stay safe and still enjoy those amazing fall evenings with your friends and loved ones.


Outdoor Fun- Who doesn’t love to spend some time in the outdoors during this amazing time of year? Even during the pandemic, experts agree that our risks are much lower when we are outdoors (provided we social distance) so why not grab a small group of friends and head to the hills. Maybe take a walk in the park or go for a hike- no matter what you do, your Portovino will come in handy. Fill up your pouch with some water, grab a few cups and keep your buddies hydrated. Avoid the needless trips to the store to  grab water bottles and delight in the fact that you are helping to keep them safe as well.


Double up - Can’t decide if you should fill your Portovino with hand sanitizer or a yummy beverage to share with friends? Well guess what? You don’t have to decide! Opt for both with a PortoVino Tuscany(link here) Wine Purse which features two separate pour spouts so you can pour sanitizer from one spout and that glass of wine from the other.  Just be sure to mark the spout with a sharpie.  No one wants a glass of hand sanitizer.   

 Covid Bundle - Oh and if you want to get extra stylish while being safe, we have a gift bundle that includes not only the double pouring Tuscany double pour wine purse, in your choice of color, but it also includes a mask that doubles as a purse scarf accent. Yep - We have thought of all of it: mask, hand sanitizer and wine!  Yes, your wishes have come true :)

Finding that balance of staying safe and living our lives is a hard one for everyone. We hope that some of these PortoVino tips will help you find a little joy in these crazy times. So grab your Portovino a friend or two and have a little toast. What will you be toasting too?  



PortoVino Cares Team


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