A Match Made in Heaven

"I enjoy cooking with wine- sometimes I even put it in the food!"


Fall Cocktail of the Week:

Looking for the perfect fall cocktail that is both deliciously flavored and takes no time at all to prepare?  Enter this delicious apple pie inspired concoction from the Spruce!


Who doesn't love relaxing with a freshly poured glass of wine on a brisk fall day, alongside a plate full of delectable, homemade comfort food? We haven't met anyone yet!  Sit back and relax with this perfect list of pairings for your favorite wines and comfort foods and, if you're feeling adventurous, try making some of these delicious and easy recipes! 


1. Macaroni & Cheese

Pair it with: Pinot Gris

There's nothing better than a steaming plate of mac and cheese- the gooey, rich cheese topping and the great satisfaction of eating heaping spoonfuls as gobs of cheese warm your mouth.  But wait- there is now something better.  Pairing your favorite homemade mac and cheese- ours is this recipe from the Chunky Chef- with Pinot Gris will take this comfort food to new heights!

2. Fried Shrimp

Pair it with: Chardonnay

The flakiness of the fried crust- the unique flavor of a tender shrimp- the kick of cocktail sauce- it all comes together to create the perfect, most satisfying dish.  The only thing that can make it more satisfying? Pairing it with Chardonnay.  The two flavors uniquely join to fill your palette and leave you ready for more! Try this simple but delicious version from the Spruce.


3. Meatloaf

Pair it with: Limerick Lane Zinfandel

Ina Garten does the impossible here- she makes a meatloaf that is so tender and awe-inspiring that it practically transports you back to your grandmother's kitchen table.  It also perfectly pairs with Limerick Lane Zinfandel- try it out today, you will not be sorry!


4. Chili

Pair it with: Rioja

If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen! (just kidding, you can easily make a very mild version of this delectable dish) Olivia's Cuisine chooses a slightly healthier alternative by using turkey, but you are free to make your own decisions and add whatever meat your little heart desires.  Pair this kick-packing chili with Rioja for a killer combination!


5. Beef Stew

Pair it with: Cabernet Sauvignon

Kiss us, we're Irish!  Even if you're not Irish, you probably can't help but love the perfect medley of flavors that is a great beef stew.  Once Upon a Chef  delivers their twist on a classic favorite and does a heck of a great job!  Whip up a batch and then serve it with Cabernet Sauvignon to complement the strong flavors you created.


6. Roasted Chicken

Pair it with: Pinot Noir

Martha Stewart takes a relatively simple dish and makes it her own with a huge explosion of flavor.  Take this roast chicken and pair it with a Pinot Noir to make your meal (and your life) complete- we promise, you'll thank us for it!


7. Spaghetti Bolognese

Pair it with: Lambrusco

Spaghetti Bolognese- a very classic and widespread Italian masterpiece that pretty much everyone has enjoyed (if you haven't, please stop reading and go make yourself some now, it's impeccable).  Now, we have two hacks that will make you love and crave it even more- this recipe from Recipe Tin Eats and a glass of Lambrusco. 


8. Pizza

Pair it with: Chianti

Homemade pizza- we know, it sounds like a very scary task.  But nothing quite matches the satisfaction and flavor punch that only something you made on your own can bring. And Simply Recipes delivers with this easy to follow recipe for a perfect pizza.  Pair your masterpiece with Chianti and you'll never order delivery or pop a frozen pizza in the oven again!


9. Apple Pie

Pair it with: Riesling

What is more American than a slice of apple pie?  We can't think of a single thing!  Pop your homemade apple pie (following this perfect recipe from Taste of Home) out of the oven, cut yourself a large slice, and sit down to enjoy with a glass of Riesling, which perfectly complements the pie's crisp apple and cinnamon flavors.


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