Back to School  - A PortoVino Story … What???

Back to School … it comes with so much emotion.  The kids are a mix of excitement and dread. Parents range from elation to sadness.  Well, we love to share stories from our PortoVino customers and below is a back to school recount from Judy that we all enjoyed here at PortoVino. If you have kids, you will most certainly be able to relate and maybe get some ideas on making the most of your kids return to school!



It was Monday morning, I was sipping on my morning coffee in preparation for the chaos.  Another summer had ended and although I was secretly so excited to drop the kids off for their first day of school, I still had an hour of madness before I would get some uninterrupted friend-time again.

 My close friends and I began an annual tradition, post first day of school drop off, we would meet, chat, sip on mimosas and unwind. This was our 3rd annual get together and  I looked forward to it every year.  This year, I had a special surprise I couldn’t wait to show everyone. 

 My thoughts were interrupted by my kids running in the kitchen and piling around the table.  Their favorite cereal was out and as I was proudly admiring how good they all looked in their new school outfits, Johnny accidentally hit Jenny’s bowl and Jenny was covered in Apple jacks & milk.  That certainly didn’t take long! 

 In moments, Jenny was crying and yelling and Johnny was getting mad. Time for Mom referee and fashionista to jump in.  I got Johnny settled down, put Jenny in the tub. Ran to her closet for her next favorite outfit – and voila fixed! Phew that was a close one!

 20 minutes to go – quick clean the mess, pack lunch packs, get backpacks all set up, make sure Jenny didn’t forget the flowers she bought for her new teacher, snap a quick 1st day of school photo, quick post it on IG and FB, and the inevitable yell:  “Come on kids, we have to go, we are going to be late!” Oh, if I had a dime for every time I yelled we were going to be late… Wait, I almost forgot my purse… my very special purse, it was all ready to go for my friends and I could NOT forget this! Ran back into the house and grabbed it.

 In no time, we were in front of the school, giving the kids big hugs and kisses and they were off!  A moment of sadness, but I was excited for the rendezvous with my friends. It was a quick 5 minute drive to our favorite park.  It was such a nice day, still morning so the temperature was perfect. I came walking up and they were all there. They saw my purse and were telling me how cute it was? Was it new? I never saw it before?  I was loving the attention. They had NO idea just how amazing it was. I was hamming it up when I grabbed one of my silicone cups, opened the flap on the back and pulled out the pouring spout and began to pour my friends a Mimosa! 

 I looked up and their expressions were priceless!  The dialog went from, “your purse is so cute” to...


 “I WANT ONE!!!” 



We were all laughing so hard.  I felt like I literally brought a party with me.  We drank mimosas, talked about our summer vacation and it was so blissful to have that time with my wonderful friends.  By the time we parted ways and shared hugs, I had a few hours left to run some errands before pick up started. I was happy to have my friends and to be able to share my new PortoVino Purse with them.  It was a blast!


Thanks Judy! 
Keep those stories coming PortoVino family :)
🥂 Cheers!


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