Best Girlfriend Weekend Getaways

Summer is almost here and now is the perfect time to start planning a weekend getaway with the girls. After being cooped up for the last year and not being able to spend that quality time with your besties, many of us are looking forward to some mini vacations where we can relax,enjoy and simply be with the ones we love. From city to sea these escapes are the perfect weekend getaway without the guys. Sit back, raise your glass of wine and read on.

Las Vegas- Craving a little excitement (after the last year, we all need this right) and want to simply just get away from it all? From trying your luck at the casinos, to catching a one of a kind live performance to shopping-  Las Vegas has it all. See Las Vegas from the sky! Book a hot air balloon ride for a truly unique experience. Cheers, ladies.

Weekend at the beach- Nothing says summer more than a weekend at the beach. Why not head to the beach with a few of your closest friends and actually just relax and have fun in the sun. Pack your Portovino with all the essentials you need like sunblock, beach towels, that book you have been dying to read and of course some wine. Wine on the beach with some great friends-what more could you ask for, right?

Spa retreats- Pamper you and your girlfriends with a invigorating weekend at the spa. After all, you deserve it. Spend the weekend nourishing your mind,body and spirit. Rest and recharge during the day and spend the evening by a firepit sipping on some wine and catching up with the girls. Oh what a relaxing weekend!(can we come too?)

Newport Beach- Want to spend the weekend shopping and dining at some of the best restaurants? Look no further than Newport Beach, California. Consider this the ultimate shopping experience. Located about 40 miles southeast of Los Angeles, this area features many upscale and luxury open air shopping complexes that you and the girls can literally shop til you drop. After a day of shopping, wind down with a glass of  wine and dine oceanside. What a perfect weekend getaway for those who love to shop.

Wine tasting- Close your eyes and picture yourself and your friends sipping some delicious wine amid the gorgeous rolling hills of Napa Valley. Sounds like a dream mini vacation right? Book a tour to get a lay of the land and yes, they stop at some amazing wineries so you can sample and taste wine. Perfect weekend getaway for the wine lover.


Create some amazing memories on your weekend getaways! Cheers to wherever the road may take you this summer. 


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