Thanksgiving dinner is around the corner and whether you are hosting or lucky enough to be showing up as a guest, chances are you will be making a trip to a wine shop.  I mean what turkey dinner would be complete without some good wine? The question is which wine will it be and how much should you purchase?

Wine preferences are a personal choice, but the good news is that a turkey dinner has a variety of wines that work well with it.  This is great for you and everyone on the guest list! You don’t have to choose just one variety and hope everyone is happy. Instead, offering a variety of wines that pair well with all the courses will allow your guests to choose their favorite.

Below is a list of some good choices for the red, white, and even sparkling wine drinkers - each for under $20


For the Red Wine Lovers
For a more approachable red wine, stick with either Pinot Noir or a Gamay.   Both of these wines are light to medium bodied. For a heartier red, choose from Syrah or Zinfandel. All these varieties will pair well with turkey and stuffing.  Here are some great choices for under $20

Best Pinot Noir for Thanksgiving Dinner

PINOT NOIR:  Erath Oregon Pinot  Noir ($14)
From the Dundee Hills of Oregon with lively berry flavors and subtle floral notes, it is perfect for poultry dishes. 

PortoVino Wine Recommendations for Thanksgiving

GAMAY:  Chateau de Pizay Morgon ($14)
From the Beaujoulais Region of Morgon in France, this Gamay is described as complex, full of fruit and some spice.

PortoVino Wine Choices for Thanksgiving

SYRAH:  Cline Sonoma County Syrah ($12)
From the Sonoma region of California,  this Syrah is a rich, yet fruity wine with peppery undertones.

PortoVIno Wine recommendations for Thanksgiving Dinner

ZINFANDEL:  Dry Creek Heritage Zinfandel Sonoma County ($15)
From the Sonoma region of California, this Zinfandel is described with cherry, candied ginger, warm spices and dark fruit flavors with smooth tannins.


For the White Wine Lovers
White wines are known to pair well with white proteins such as turkey.  You just want to be careful to not get an overly acidic or oaked white that can be overpowering and would compete with the meal.  A good dry white wine like Sauvignon blanc or Chardonnay will do the trick. If you prefer a little sweetness with a crisp finish, a dry Riesling will be a nice choice and compliment some of the complexities of flavors in a Thanksgiving feast.

PortoVino Wine recommendations for Thanksgiving

CHARDONNAY:  JaM Cellars Butter Chardonnay ($16)
From the Napa valley region of California, JaM describes their Chardonnay as stone fruit and baked-lemon notes with a lovely, long, vanilla finish.

PortoVino Wine Recommendations for Thanksgiving

SAUVIGNON BLANC:  Heritance 2017 Sauvignon Blanc ($18)
From the Napa Valley region of California, it is described with aromas of tropical fruits and a crispness followed by a smooth lingering finish.


PorrtoVIno Wine Recommendations for Thanksgiving

RIESLING:  Blue Slate Estate Kabinett 2014 ($18)
This mineral driven Riesling from the Blue Slate region of Mosel, Germany, this riesling is described as having honey, fruity and citrusy notes.


For the Bubbly Lovers
If you crave bubbles for Thanksgiving or anytime for that matter,  the good news is that sparkling wine goes well with your turkey, cranberries, and all the accompaniments.  You can choose between an extra dry to semi-sweet. Prosecco is always a good option that is more of a dry wine - this Italian sparkling wine is a more affordable choice to its French counterpart, Champagne.

Wine recommendations for Thanksgiving

PROSECCO: Prosecco Brut Jeio NV ($15)
From Veneto, the Venetian region in Italy, this sparkling wine is brut with some fruity undertones and is an affordable choice compared to many Proseccos.


You probably know your guests’ wine drinking habits better than most.  If Aunt Suzie likes to drink into an oblivion, while Uncle Joe would never touch wine, you will  have to adjust accordingly.  

The general rule is to assume 3 glasses of wine per person. Each bottle has 4 glasses of wine, so a party of 12 adults would mean 36 glasses, divided by 4 glasses per bottles would be 9 bottles of wine.  Don’t forget you might have some beer drinkers in the mix, so plan accordingly.


Well there you have it.  So whether you need a good hostess gift or you are the host and you are planning for your feast, go get a couple of bottles of good wine and no matter what the dinner turns out, you are sure to have a good time.  




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