Happy Hour Made Simple - Quick and Easy Drink & Appetizer Ideas

Got Cabin Fever?  Let's face it we all need a little pick me up and happy hour always makes us... HAPPY.  Why not whip up some simple, easy and yummy drinks and appetizers for your 'at home' happy hour? Take a peek at these minimal ingredient drink and appetizer ideas that allow you to get creative, raid the fridge and liquor cabinet and come up with something delicious. Enjoy!

Drinks Made Simple

  1. Spritzers - Give your white wine a little pep with a splash of juice. Any juice that you have on hand will work — like lemon, lime or orange juice. Just add a splash of your juice of choice with some champagne or soda (as long as it is carbonated) and transform that white wine into fruity spritzers. Let your inner bartender shine through :)

  2. Vodka - Oh the things you can do with Vodka. Mix some Vodka with some cranberry juice for that classic drink. Feeling a little adventurous, opt for a Pink Lemonade Vodka that just needs 4 simple ingredients. Truth be told, Vodka goes with just about anything you have one hand.  So mix it up and who knows maybe you will just create your new favorite drink!
  3. Sangria - Feeling a little tired of just wine? (hmm, not even sure that is a thing but just in case) Why not create your own Sangria? Simple and fun — all you need is some wine, fruit and some brandy or rum.  

  4. Coke and ... - A very simple way to add some pep to your drinks and takes minimal effort as well as ingredients. Create some classics like Rum and Coke, Gin and Coke and of course the staple Jack and Coke. Interested in trying something new? Take a peek at these recipes and have fun in the kitchen. Sit back and enjoy your simple cocktails at home.

If the quarantine is helping you get into shape and you are looking for some low-cal drink options, click here.

So, now that you mastered your best drink at home recipe, you are going to need some easy and yummy appetizers to go along with those drinks.

    1. Sweet tooth treats - Simple Chocolate Fondue - Grab the chocolate of your choice — dark, milk or white and get it nice and silky, smooth melted. Grab some fresh fruits and your drink above and get to dipping. No worries, you don’t need to have one of those fancy 3 tier fondue fountains to be able to create that Wow factor. In fact, all you need are 7 simple ingredients and there is a good chance you already have these in your baking cabinet. Grab the recipe here
    2. Mini Fruit and Cheese Skewers - You can never go wrong with cheese and fruit. Simple, divine and oh so good! Stack a grape or berry atop a cube of Swiss or White Cheddar cheese (in fact, any type of semi-hard cheese will do) on a toothpick. Pair with one of those wine drinks above and... Bam! You have yourself a happy hour!

    3. Roasted Tomatoes with cheese - Just a few simple ingredients and you’re sure to impress anyone else you are sharing quarantine with. Grab your favorite loaf of crusty bread and get ready to enjoy. You can find this recipe right here

    4. Spicy Shrimp skewers - Yes Please! Fire up the grill (or stovetop) for this one. These spicy shrimp skewers are quick and easy and can be ready in just about 10 minutes. Which leaves plenty of time to enjoy your drink and some chill time. Not a fan of spicy things no problem just leave out the hot sauce. Fire-grilled shrimp is always a good choice and we are so making this one tonight

Staying at home can get a little mundane, so hopefully some of these easy to make, minimal ingredient drink ideas and appetizers will spice things up a bit. It is always fun to take the time to try new things and get creative in the kitchen. Let your creativity shine — We would love to know what drink concoctions you come up with. Enjoy and remember -  we will all get through this together.


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