Celebrating women and wine

Did you know that March 25th is National Women in Wine Day? Talk about a holiday that  we absolutely adore. Being a company with a team that enjoys its wine and founded by a woman, this day is super special to us.There are so many amazing women who have pioneered the wine industry and we are excited to highlight just a few of them. So grab your glass of wine and have a toast to these women.

Yolanda Papapietro- This amazing wine connoisseur has been involved creating delicious wine for decades. Yolanda is one of the founders of Papapietro Winery located in Sonoma County,California.  In addition to overseeing the distribution she also represents the  winery at many  charitable events. Cheers to Yolanda!

Luisa Ponzi- Her love for wine started at an early age as she was born into a wine making family in Oregon. Luisa gained her wine education abroad and was the first woman to achieve the Certficate Brevet Professionelle D’Oenologie et Viticulture - Go Luisa! With many awards and recognitions under her belt, Luisa's passion and winemaking talent have helped sustain Ponzi Vineyards’ nearly 50-year acclaimed tradition of producing some of the world’s finest wines.

Marisa China Hammerbeck- Our founder and lover of all things wine. How could we mention women in wine without a little nod to the one who brought us the Portovino wine purse we all love so dearly. Marisa has been designing accessories for the wine industry for 20 years and the PortoVino Wine Purse is our favorite.

Dorothy Gaiter- Drinking wine and then writing about it for a living... Yes, please! Meet the Senior Editor of the Grape Collective. Dorothy is an award winning journalist who has been writing about wine since 1973. In addition to her bi-weekly column, she is also the author of four books. Our hats are off to you! 

Nicole Kearney- Meet the founder of Sip and Share Wines, which is a vegan wine company. She has been in the wine industry for over 10 years and in 2016 she launched her own wine. A big congrats to Nicole for following her dreams. Raise your glass with us.

Marimar Torress- Born and raised in Spain to a wine making family, Marimar’s love for wine showed  at an early age. She is the founder and vinter of Marimar Estates and Winery and an author. Her first vintage wine was a 1989 Charadoony and she has been taking the wine world by  storm ever since.

These women are amazing and we hope that you will raise your glass with us and toast to them. If you would like to learn about some more amazing women who have taken the wine world by storm head on over to here. These women show us anything is possible when you have that determination. Cheers ladies!


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