Cookie and Wine Combination

Who says cookies and wine are just for the holiday season? Well, you probably haven’t tried those two as delicious afternoon snacks or as tasty night-ender. Bring on the wine and grab your favorite cookies for a unique and delectable combination.

Oatmeal Cookies and Cabernet Sauvignon

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The savory and spirited flavors of oatmeal cookies with raisins are perfect for a full bodied red wine like that of cabernet sauvignon. The hearty cookies and high-tannin wine combination is not just palatable but also healthy!

Sugar Cookies and Riesling

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It’s true that sugar cookies are perfect snacks staples, but you can definitely step up the game by pairing these soft and chewy treats with a fruity wine. And a perfect wine to complement the saccharine madness is a riesling wine, which is very aromatic with a high hint of acidity.

Peanut Butter Cookies and Port

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Peanut butter cookies are downright savory and you may need a wine to stand up to its flavor. Port wines do not disappoint though. This pairing go perfectly well because the dash of salt from the peanut butter cookie blends distinctly with the residual sugar from the port wine.

Gingerbread Cookie and Sherry

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These adorably savory with a pint of spice cookies are perfect for some sweet and syrupy wine. Ginger cookies seamlessly match with a Sherry wine because of the fascinating myriad of sugar, honey tones and spice, all in one setting.

Butter Cookies and Sauvignon Blanc

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Butter cookies are simple yet tasty afternoon treats. These sweet cookies are the perfect snacks to share but not when you accompany it with sauvignon blanc. This utterly ideal pairing assures you of a buttery flavor with a crisp and citrusy kick. Now, who would still love to share this snack?

So, are you ready to relish a platter of cookies with your very own PortoVino wine purse? Nothing goes better! 


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