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Delectable Dessert + Wine Pairings

December 27, 2017 2 min read

Delectable Dessert + Wine Pairings

Wine & Dessert – two things that sum up your delectable thirst. While experimenting never hurt anybody, getting your way around a flavorful combination could save you from the lengthy trial-and-error phase and most likely, that sour face you get after tasting a horrible mash-up.   Here’s how you can get the right blend of your favorite wine and dessert recipes.

Chocolate Pie + Ruby Fort

wine purse

Pair up the freshest fortified wine with a mouthful slice of the well-loved chocolate pie and you’ll have a deadly combo. The red berry flavors of Ruby Port complements well with the chocolaty blend of the pie.

Red Velvet Cake + Red Wine

wine purse

Searching for a match made in heaven kind of pair-up? Look no more. Right above is an overwhelming relish of red velvet, fresh from the wine down to the cake.

Chocolate Chip Cookies + Cabernet Sauvignon

wine purse

There’s no better way than to indulge a chocolate chip cookie with a bold taste of red wine grape. Nibble some crunches while taking a good sip of Cabernet Sauvignon for a fine, savory night!

Stilton Cheese with Walnuts + Ruby Port

wine purse

These two are just the right tease. A mix of this cheesy sweet course along with the silky, smooth texture of the wine is worth a try. Don’t forget to put this on your party tables!

Panna Cotta + Orange Muscat

wine purse

Panna Cotta is best paired with a white grape variety known as the Orange Muscat. While this wine may not ring a lot of bells, Orange Muscat comes as the ideal match for this refreshing dessert. The balance resulting from the aromatic sweetness of the wine along with the sourness of the Panna Cotta is an A+ choice.

Raspberry Jam Bomboloni + Brachetto d' Acqui

wine purse

This charming duo will definitely light your fire. Packed with fruit jam-filled donuts plus an effervescent sizzling wine – it’s a sheer palatable food trip.  You won’t regret it!

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