Do the Monster Mash

"Let's go trick-or-treating- but we are only asking for wine!"

Halloween Cocktail:



This oozing margarita will be the perfect addition to any Halloween table- and to your palette on Halloween night when you cuddle up near the fire watching a horror movie! HGTV  does a boo-tiful job with this creation!



Do the Monster Mash: A Guide to Your Halloween Bash

 It's almost Halloween folks!  And you know what that means----it's time to plan the best haunted Halloween party that the world has ever known! We are here to provide you with a complete list of all the boo-ze you need along with a few nifty (and easy) hacks to make your bash a true graveyard smash!


Let's start with the boo-ze...

Vampire Cabernet Sauvignon 

This blood-red Cabernet Sauvignon is a delectable selection for your party- especially served with Dracula's cape for extra presentation points!

Ghostly White Chardonnay

Just looking at this creepy bottle gives us the chills- but the flavor or the Chardonnay within its ghastly bottle is far from scary.

Bone Dry Cabernet

The bottle alone is enough to give a haunting ambiance to your party, but the flavor of this Cabernet will haunt your guests for hours- with thoughts of wanting more!

Crystal Head Vodka

We don't even have this not the coolest vodka ever?!

Vampire Vodka

This Vampire Vodka will transport your guests to Transylvania and beyond...

Jekyll & Hyde Liqueurs

Are you seeing double?!  It's ok, just pour yourself another glass and keep enjoying your party with the help of your good friends Jekyll and Hyde.

Red Rum

Channel your inner Jack Nicholson and make your party a bloody good time with the help of this Red Rum!

And now for the haunted hacks...

1. Labels on Labels on Labels

Check out this awesome website design your own haunted wine bottle labels!  Your guests will love to be featured on wine bottles in the form of terrifying monsters!

2. Brain Freeze Ice Cubes

Your party can be transformed into a mad scientist's lair with these awesome brain-shaped ice cubes sure to chill the bones of any of your guests!

3. Polluted Glasses

Serve your glasses in these toxic waste bins and leave your guests begging to know where they can get their hands on a set!

4. Gory Body Parts Lollipops 

Set these out on your food table and watch your guests scramble to snatch up just one of these gory-ious pops!

5. 3-D Skull Cake Mold

Fill this cake mold with your favorite flavor of cake and your guests are sure to go wild!

6. Finger Soap

We know, we know, this is the best day ever.  Yes, finger soap is a thing.  Yes, you need to have it for your monster mash!

7. Pumpkin Punch Bowl

Classy AND festive.  Carve out the center of a pumpkin and line it with a clear plastic bowl, then serve your favorite punch or cider right inside!


8. Mummy Wine Bottles

 How cute is this simple DIY? All you need is some googly eyes and medical tape and your wine is ready for Halloween? Create your own wine mummy here.


9. Jack-O-Lanterns Wine Bottles

Everyone knows that Halloween isn't complete without some Jack-O-Lanterns! Save yourself from dealing with pumpkin guts and make some adorable wine bottle Jack-O-Lanterns. Plus, you'll get to use them year after year! Check out the DIY here.


10. Chalk Paint Wine Bottles

Okay, I have to admit this is one of my favorites! I love how customizable the chalkboard paint makes the bottles. You could create almost any design -- maybe even use these throughout the seasons! All you need is to be pretty handy with the chalk. See how easy it was create these here.


11. Halloween Wine Cork Toys

These may just take the cake for the cutest craft on this list. The perfect mix of Halloween-y cute! I'm only a little jealous of Molly's creativity! I would have never thought to reuse my corks this way! Check out her process here.


12. Wine Cork Pumpkins

Another awesome way to use your wine corks! These pumpkins would work as the perfect fall decor all fall long!  Thanks to Yarner for the inspiration! 







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