Easy Spring Wine Cocktails

Got some fine wines you’re thinking about popping open for spring? Well, it’s time to unleash your creative skills to make these charming and refreshing spring wine cocktails. Don’t worry because these drinks are effortlessly easy to make with just three to four main ingredients!

Wine Whiskey Sangria

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Nothing beats a red wine whiskey sangria, especially if you are a self-confessed lover of both wine and whiskey. Easy to make, plus fun to drink, this flavorful combination is definitely a great spring tipple. This cocktail is a beautiful melange of fruity red wine, Bourbon whiskey, orange-flavored liqueur and mixed berries. Just these elements and you’re off to a more exciting and enjoyable spring session.

Grapefruit and Ginger Sparkler

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Add flavor and fizz to the already fascinating springtime with this grapefruit and ginger sparkler. The tinge of ginger and lemon settles well with the sparkling wine, creating a fruity and refreshing drink for everyone. Plus, the pink presentation elevates the charm of wine drinking. So, if you’re looking for a go-to cocktail that is simple to make, you’ll never go wrong with this pink cocktail charmer.


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Bourbon with a twist— Bourbini is another spring wine cocktail favorite because of its unique flavors. To make this drink, you need to combine the bourbon together with the peach bitters and peach liqueur. This peach addition creates a striking balance between the dark and fruity spirit.  Don’t forget to top your creation with a sparkling wine and some mint sprig.

Moscato Punch

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Known for its luscious tones of nectarines, peaches, and oranges, Moscato wine makes the best spring punch. Blended with lemon juice, peach schnapps, and syrup, then topped with some berries and lemon, this sweet and plummy refreshment is downright palatable. And to complete your calming treat, pair this fruity drink with some chocolate treats. The crisp and slight sweetness gives way to a more satisfying wine drinking.

Peach Mango Frosé

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With the onset of fresh breeze and vibrant scenery, this peach mango Frosé is one of the best refreshments for the spring season. Featuring some fruity flavors from the rosé wine and a hint of pavan liqueur, vodka, and orange juice, you will surely enjoy lazing around with this nippy and luscious cocktail.

Spring season is definitely something to look forward to and these refreshing wine cocktails are just the perfect cool treats for every wine lover out there!


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