Essentials for Burning Man Festival

Ready to witness the most anticipated desert festival with limitless imagination? There’s more to this rather fascinating festival than all its artsy outfits and extraordinary creations. It defines freedom and cultural celebration through music and radical self-expression. So, make the most out of your Burning Man experience with this survival kit guide!


A Crazy, Comfy Outfit

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You know that out-of-the-world outfit that you've owned for years but are unsure of how and when to pull it off? Then you're in luck! Burning Man is the perfect opportunity to unleash your true self, and break fashion rules. Wear what you love― the crazier, the better! Also, pick your most sturdy and snug footwear that you can use all day and night. It's best if you bring two pairs!




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Don’t forget the most essential fashion pieces― sunglasses, goggles, hats, headdresses, and handkerchiefs! Even if the place is packed with spectacular scenery, it is still hot and dusty. Plus, sandstorms are not uncommon in the desert, so be stylish yet practical.


Paper Maps

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Take note, you will be wandering along extensive stretches of off-grid terrains, so save yourself from any trouble by bringing maps. Well, the last thing you would want to happen is getting lost under the scorching sun, though this could be an opportunity to meet new friends!



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Okay, if you’re not renting an RV, which is the most comfortable accommodation during this kind of festival, you can bring tents and make your own sleeping area. Make sure you also include in your list some warm sleeping bags, pillows, and blankets because the temperature could plummet during midnight. Also, take along camping tables and chairs, stove, cooler, crockery, and cutlery for late night fun.



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As always, bikes are absolute essentials to see all the sights and attend all the activities. Add a camelback hydration system so you can cruise comfortably and conveniently.


Food and Drinks

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Opt for easy-to-prepare, healthy foods with lots of calories so you can last the entire day. Pre-packaged foods are suitable but you can also have a barbecue party with friends which makes Burning Man even more fun!  Remember to keep hydrated at all times and for us alcohol drinkers - pace yourself! ;)


Personal Items

For a smooth sailing gathering, pack your bags with sunblock lotion, lip balm, tissue, eye drops, and everything you deem important. And of course, you’ll need a reliable bag to keep all your personal items intact. You’ll never go wrong with the PortoVino backpack that comes with a secret pouring spout for nonstop drinking sessions.


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