Essentials for Festival Goers

There’s nothing more magical than to witness a music and arts festival during spring or summer. From vibrant Coachella to the contemporary Glastonbury, for sure the best thing to make your festival experience more worthwhile is to pack all the essentials. And aside from fashion pieces like sunglasses, wide brim hats and bandanas, here’s a packing list guide for all festival goers on the hunt for the best outdoor hibernation.

Sturdy Bag

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As much as you want to keep your whole outfit very smooth and stylish, the best bag when attending a festival is a backpack. This entails bigger storage for all your essentials like extra clothes as well as extra smaller bags like sling, crossbody, belt bag or waterproof pouch. And if you’re still looking for the perfect backpack for your festival needs, our PortoVino day backpack (with a pouring spout!) is a great deal!

Roll Mat

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Standing and dancing to the musical beat is awesome but admit it your legs would get all wobbly after a non-stop partying; hence, you’ll need a comfy roll mat to make your excursion as snug as it could be. Well, sitting on a hard ground is not relaxing at all. So, make sure to place your mat at a strategic place, ideally near a landmark but not distracting the main path.


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Dancing and strolling around all day long can get you all gooey and uncomfortable. Accordingly, you should be prepared with a toiletry pouch that is packed with all the necessities, including sunscreen lotion, toothbrush, deodorant, wet wipes, alcohol, dry shampoo, insect repellant, face wash, lip balm, first aid kit, and everything you might need to make your outing more comfortable.

Identification and Money Kit

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This belt bag is a charm to all festival goers. It can handle all your important documents like tickets, identification cards, maps, emergency contacts as well as electronics like cell phone, portable charger, and batteries. Also, this acts as your wallet.

Go-To Snacks

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It’s true that festival snacks like burgers, tacos, chips and the like are very mouthwatering. However, these aren’t really healthy for your body and if you’re health-conscious, that’s the last treats you’d want to indulge. So, better pack your own healthy and delectable go-to snacks like granola bars, oatmeal cookies, and even fresh fruits. Just make sure to consume those spoilable treats as soon as possible. And always stay hydrated!


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