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Accomplish your Goals & Dreams

In a world where there are so many distractions and constant demand on our attention, we tend to ignore the things that are truly important like health, exercise and even those bigger goals we dreamed about years ago.  When we think of taking a step forward towards that goal like taking on an exercise program, we often dismiss following through, thinking we can do it later, because we are too busy now. We need to stop succumbing to the distractions and take charge of the needle movers in our lives!

What does your day start like?  Could I guess it goes something like this:  Wake up to the sound of your alarm. Hurry up jump in the shower.  Run down the stairs - the kids are already playing. Quick, make some breakfast. Hurry! Hurry! We need to get to school on time - STOP - Johnny, what do you mean you forgot your backpack at home?  Quick rush back home. Oh no, I am going to be late for work! And the day goes on and on - just like that! Long have we forgotten that new year’s resolution that was made to drop those 20 lbs or to start working on that book we have been wanting to write or let alone that book we wanted to read. The problem is oftentimes our goals are so lofty that we just give up on them. They are overwhelming given all the other things on our daily to dos.  Good news is you don’t think you have to choose, you just have to re-prioritize and make it happen!

“If you set your goals and go after them with all the determination you can muster, your gifts will take you places that will amaze you!”  Les Brown

Photo Credit: Andrew Le

Photo credit:   Andrew Le

If you are not sure where to find the time, spend a week and jot down what you do every moment of the day.  Reflect on the week and ask yourself where you can cut things out. Are you spending hours on social media, watching Netflix, waiting in the Starbucks line? You will find the time, and after all isn’t achieving your goals more important?

Once you’ve identified the time, shift your mind from making excuses on why you are not doing it and just do it! (sorry Nike). Then take your goals and chunk them down.  It is easier to start with small steps and accomplish them. With each small step you achieve you will feel victorious and that will cause you to push on!

For example: Instead of just saying you are going to lose 20lbs, break it down and make it do-able.

  1. Keep it top of mind - Write down your goal some place visible like a post-it on the bathroom mirror, on the refrigerator, or coffee maker.  Set a cell phone calendar alert to remind you each day to take action.
  2. Start with an actionable list of little things you can do to achieve your goal - In this example, you might decide you want to get a membership to the gym and commit to going 3 times a week. Or, go for a 10 minute walk 5 days a week.  
  3. Be specific and set time aside to make it happen - Is the morning or evening better?  
  4. Hold yourself accountable  - get a friend to do it with you so it will be harder to not follow through as someone is relying on you. Use a calendar and check off the days you go.  Keeping a record will help keep you on track.
  5. Set deadlines and measure it - Depending on the goal, put a timeline in place.  This will allow you to measure your progress. Make them realistic so you can have a lot of wins.  As you have these little wins it will drive you to keep going.
  6. Reward yourself - If you achieve the mini goals along the way treat yourself to something small.  Maybe you get to watch that show you’ve given up to find the time to achieve your goal.

“The victory of success is half won when one gains the habit of setting goals and achieving them!”  OG Mandino

There are all sorts of goals and dreams and some can be much loftier like starting a business, but it doesn’t really matter - the steps on how to achieve it are all similar.  The biggest thing you can do is commit! It is easy to say tomorrow I will start, but the key is to start now. Nothing will be any different tomorrow. You owe it to yourself to accomplish your personal goals & dreams. Try to step away from all the distractions that own you to make time for what will feed your soul. Once you do, you will feel invigorated and ready to accomplish even more.  After all, life is not a dress rehearsal, we only get one shot at this performance.

So what are you waiting for?  Do it now! Do it today!


Marisa China



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