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Be Your Authentic Self!

Since when were we expected to be perfect?  We look at social media and everyone has the perfect relationship, the perfect vacation, the perfect Mom, the perfect children, the perfect husband and drinks the perfect glass of wine in the perfect location (that’s always my favorite). There is a tendency to create the picture perfect self, but we forget to realize our authentic selves is the perfect self even if it doesn’t seem picture perfect!

Societal pressures, and I dare say largely because of social media, make us feel like we should be/look a certain way and it is easy to get lost trying to be something we aren’t.  This desire to keep up with the Jones’ is not only based on an unrealistic baseline, but it results in unnecessary expectations of ourselves.

“If you’re your authentic self, you have no competition.” Anonymous

I have a friend who just posted the most beautiful photo in this gorgeous mountainous landscape on Instagram. When I saw it,  I had this instant image of her going on this amazing hike, feeling relaxed and rejuvenated and when I talked to her and her hubby about it, turns out they didn’t even go on a hike but instead they spent a couple of frustrating hours trying to capture that photo. Whaaattt??? I don’t mean to judge at all, but it didn’t sound like she even had fun capturing that photo. Here is an extreme example of someone trying to create the perfect moment in time, causing me to feel just a teeny bit envious of her seemingly glorious day, only to find out it wasn’t even real.  When we measure ourselves based on what we see online, we can be left feeling empty and like we are not enough. But the truth is you are enough!


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The beauty of this world is that each of us is unique.  We have our own unique look, skills, abilities, thoughts and desires.  We thrive when we embrace our unique selves, understand who we are, what are purpose is and Own It!  We need to realize it isn’t about capturing the perfect moment in time in life, it is about creating the best journey.  So dig deep, ask yourself what it is you want in life? Why do you want it? What do you love to do? Can you help anyone along the way?  If you can answer these questions and start living it, you will be living your authentic life.

Your beauty will surely shine and your journey will be fulfilling!

So I say go on that hike, get sweaty, take that photo and post it, because you are beautiful and amazing just being your authentic self!

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” E.E. Cummings“

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