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The Importance of Friendships

Our cell phones have become an amazing way to connect with people. The variety of apps and social platforms have made reaching out to old friends and finding new ones, while keeping up with the lives of everyone else super easy.  But as we rely on these platforms to maintain friendships are we forgetting the importance of truly connecting with friends and the happiness that comes from being together?

Getting together with family and friends is an important part of our happiness.  The Telephone used to be a big clunky device we used to connect with people and talk when we were too far to be with them in person.  We used to laugh together and enjoy conversation. Our phones are now amazing mini computers with the ability to answer any question instantly and connect with anyone equally fast through the many social platforms.  We can see the lives of others through the lens they want us to see, but oftentimes we lose the personal connection that comes from the conversation, the hugs and the laughter. Let’s face it, sharing a laughing emoji together is not quite as infectious as hearing your friend laughing!

Modern Friendship via Text

Friendship gets taken for granted in the social media world we live in.  We think that just sending a DM or posting a photo will continue to create the lasting bonds of a friendship, but it really takes more than that to foster relationships.  Physically getting together with friends and family is an important part of our desire to be accepted. We can see what is really going on in their daily lives and you can connect emotionally.  We are social beings and need those personal connections for happiness. It is scientifically proven that spending time with friends boosts happiness and plays an important role in how we feel about ourselves.  While spending time on social media only leads to sadness and depression as we compare our lives to the rose-colored photos that everyone posts.


A Harvard happiness expert,Daniel Gilbert said: “We are happy when we have family, we are happy when we have friends and almost all the other things we think make us happy are actually just ways of getting more family and friends.”


Our desire to be liked might just be the reason we hide behind our devices and paint the perfect IG square of our lives because we want others to like us & follow us. When we get those likes and followers, we feel happier. Putting ourselves out there is scary and we don’t want to feel rejected or unaccepted.  But each of us has a special personality with so much to offer that we need to share that with others because you will not only be happier but you will be enriching the lives of others.  So, next time you have the opportunity to hang out with a friend, meet new people or be with family, do it!

If you are new to a city or don’t know where to start, seek out commonality and look for events and groups that excite you so you are hanging with people who share the same interests, ideologies and way of thinking.  The key is to seek them out and get involved, don’t just show up, but show up and be prepared to meet others and build connections.

PortoVino Drink Purse with Friends

PortoVino is about creating those connections. The PortoVino pouch holds 1.5L of any beverage.  That is the equivalent of 2 bottles of wine. When we designed the PortoVino it was designed to help create those connections, fun moments and happiness!  So DM some friends, set a time, grab your PortoVino, laugh, bond, make moments and grow happy together!


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