Fashion with a Splash of Poolside Fun

Stress-Free Summer Poolside Fun

We are nearing the end of the hottest month of the year but we still have plenty of sunny warm days left for pool time. Swimming pools are such an essential part of summer and such a great way to waste away an afternoon. Pooltime allows you to hang out with friends and catch some rays when typically it may be too warm to be outside in the middle of the afternoon. Growing up in both Florida and Arizona, my days were marked by long poolside days with some tunes playing in the background, games of marco polo and sinking rings, and mom and dad lighting up the BBQ. Now as an adult, a love for those long summer days still remains but with a little bit of a grown up twist. These days should be all about the rest and relaxation- so here are some easy ideas and helpful tips for you to enjoy these last few weeks by the pool in style and stress-free!

Water Floaty!

A great floaty has always been a must when it comes to lounging in the pool. However, it’s much different than we were kids. It’s not just noodles and standard flotation devices. There are so many fun and eccentric options available that of course create endless Insta opportunities, which we know everyone wants!

Photo courtesy of Amazon where it is also available for purchase

This rosé floaty is seriously cute and functional! Why not show your love for the light pink floral vino that is oh so easy to sip on while laying back and working on that perfect tan.


Photo courtesy of Amazon where it is also available for purchase

Two of our favorite things- Pizza and Wine! Yet another super cute and practical floaty. When we say practical, we mean the ability to actually lay on it comfortably and although it’ll make for super cute photo ops, you can actually use it too! The only thing that would make it better? If we could get a real slice of pizza that big! Yum!


Hydration is key when spending hours in the sunshine. Definitely make sure to have plenty of cool water on hand. You can even get creative and add some mint and lemon to the jug to give it a little extra something special. White wine or rosé are always great sipping options for the pool side. If you want to give your guests another option that is refreshing summertime favorite, try buying high quality lemonade and adding a flavored vodka. Raspberry and lemon are always a great combo! It can be served with ice so it’ll stay cold longer and it can be made in a large batch so you can sit back and relax once the hanging out begins. Only one thing to note, don’t make it so strong that you or your friends end up taking a nap on one of your fabulous floaties instead of enjoying the day!

Photo courtesy of The Cocktail Project

(Photo courtesy of The Cocktail Project)


Snacking is something we love to do while hanging out by the pool. As adults we may be aware that our metabolism isn’t where it once was and therefore we may need a little more thoughtful with our choices. Also, the healthier we eat, the more energetic we’ll feel and able to  enjoy a longer pool day! Be environmentally friendly and save yourself a step by offering finger foods! Here a couple super simple but yummy items to keep out and ready for nibbling.


Watermelon, Feta, and Mint skewers with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. The great thing about these is the name lists the ingredients! They are so simple to assemble yet filling and just the right amount of salty, sweet, and yum!


Hummas and Veggies

The wonderful Mediterranean dip we know as hummus is so delicious, healthy and can be left out for a long time to be enjoyed at your leisure. It can be served with veggies of any variety and also pitas, crackers, and chips. It can be served as plain hummus or in a variety of flavors. Hummus is easy enough to make but also there are so many pre-made options available to buy that it’s a hassle free way to keep your muching needs in check while not feeling weighed down  and unhealthy. 


Music is the emulsifier that brings all these elements together! We love the 70's and 80’s playing on a waterproof speaker loud enough to hear and create an ambience but not too loud that you can’t speak to each other. Make sure to have a speaker fully charged and also keep it in the shade so it doesn’t overheat - that’s always a total buzz kill! 


Having sunscreen on hand is one of those things that is easy to forget, but it absolutely essential. So, have enough on hand for you and your friends for several applications!! Also, keep in mind that sunscreen doesn’t prevent you from getting a beautiful tan, it protects you from dangerous UV rays!


After preparing for the day, the most important things are to stay safe, hydrated and most of all, have fun!! We hope your summer this far has been amazing and that this second half of summer is full of plenty of sunshine, laughter, splishing and splashing!


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