Festive summer drinks for every Summer Party

No question about it, summertime is all about spending time in the sun, relaxing by the pool and of course those fun-filled backyard get-togethers. Whether you are hosting a family gathering, throwing a pool party, or a ladies' night al fresco style you’ll need some festive summer drinks that look as delicious and refreshing as they taste. So take a peek at some of our top ideas for ways to up your drink game with these super delish and oh so summery drinks.


  1. Frozen Sangria Slush - Definitely one of our faves. Keep super cool with this yummy  take on a traditional summertime treat. Easy to make ahead — a must if you are preparing for a larger celebration. You can also leave out the brandy and wine for a non-alcoholic version.
  2. Citrus Champagne Punch - Ok Ladies, if you are looking for a refreshing drink that looks almost too pretty to drink, then this citrus champagne punch is it! This delicious cocktail is a definite crowd- pleaser and only requires a few ingredients to make.

  3. Pineapple and Jalapeño Infused Vodka Cocktail - A little sweet, a little kick and a whole lot of fun. Pair this unique (and not to mention oh so scrumptious) summer drink with some chips and guacamole and delight your guests. You will need to infuse the vodka overnight to allow time to give the vodka a little kick. Such a simple recipe and with minimal ingredients, this drink may quickly become your summertime go-to drink.

  4. Summertime Lemonade - Nothing screams summertime like some good old fashioned lemonade. Spiked of course :). Make your pink lemonade the talk of the town with this amazing recipe.  Feel free to leave out the alcohol for a nonspiked version- whatever you choose this drink will delight your guests!

  5. Blackberry Beer Cocktail - An interesting and very tasty take on hard lemonade. This adult beverage  has a very mild alcohol flavor and the beer just gives this summer drink a little kick to your taste buds. Pro tip: when making this recipe be sure that beer is chilled. Drink up and enjoy!

  6. Kentucky Lemonade - Treat your guest this summer and make them feel like they are down south. Sip on a delicious drink with a little hint of mint, a kick of bourbon with a splash of ginger ale for a terrific party punch. 

So many great choices that will have your guests asking for seconds and thirds! No matter which drinks options you choose, make sure you have your Portovino ready. Save those trips back and forth into the house and simply fill up your Portovino with your beverage of choice and let the good times begin. If you are looking to add some simple appetizers to serve your guest take a quick peek right here. Or if you are looking for some good wine suggestions for your summertime gathering check this out here.


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