A Drinker’s Summer Fitness Regiment

Who says you can’t juggle a shot and a good exercise altogether? Get that fit body without saying no to a bottle like a boss! These drinking games are secret timesavers for every summer-fit-wannabe drinker.

The Cheers

wine purse

It pays well to be a little extra in everything—even in lifting your cup. Because yep, toasting a drink on the usual shoulder level is boring. Make a toast to the person seated next to you as stretched as possible and work those lumpy shoulders out! Other than getting a good drink, you’ll go home having your shoulders all pumped up for the summer. And hey, lifting your cup grandly is just like aiming for a punch—a low-key boxing exercise!


 wine purse

That bulls-eye level of landing a ping pong ball in a cup is no joke, especially, when the word sober is out of your alcohol dictionary! Who would have thought that this game will create miracles on your forearms?  You’ll never know, the next time you drink and throw, you can have those fine, lovely biceps!

Slap The Bag

 wine purse

Surely, getting hold of a heavy bag of wine gives your arms a good little stretching. Well, you don’t really need to carry the weight out of it since you’ll have that one dude to hold it just above your face. The real deal comes afterward, with all the slapping and boxing—you name it. Once you position your mouth on the spigot, chug as much as you can and see how far you can go. When you think you’ve had enough drink to head towards the comfort room, immediately close the spigot and begin working the sweat out of your hands against the hefty bag! This is great for upper body strength and will make you feel like going to your own boxing arena.

Flip Cup

wine purse

When you’re all determined to have your fitness regimen going, even playing flip cup will make you a little extra. If you play it religiously, all the flipping techniques will give you that hand coordination needed in breaking down your calories! And wait, there’s more― that extreme eye focus while flipping the heck out of that cup will help you spot unwanted fats right on your frame!

Drunk Jenga

wine purse

All hail to the classic game that will put your precision to test! Putting and removing Jenga pieces is the real deal when you’re all drunk and tipsy. Focusing after sipping a drink will definitely take you on another wholesome ride. Plus, if your motivation is to have that perfect summer body but the will to exercise isn’t on the same level, this game is bound to kick-start your fitness goal. What with intense focus and zeal—a giant Jenga is a tease but is exactly what you’ll need for your summer target.


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