Fun April Fools Pranks to do at Home

Oh, how we love April Fools Day! Who doesn’t need an excuse to relax, play some pranks, have a little fun and hopefully share a good laugh together. Here are a few great pranks that can all be pulled off from the comfort of your own home. Read on to ensure that you are the prankster and not the prankee this April Fools Day!

Text Message Prank- With everyone glued to their phones we know that those three dots which signal that someone is responding to your text are a big deal. So keep them guessing if you will ever press send? Make them wonder why it feels like you have been typing for an eternity? Until they realize that instead of typing you sent them a gif of those three little dots.

Tape the light switch- Drive your family a little nutty with this one. Just put some type on all the light switches in the house and watch(but try not to laugh) as they struggle to figure out why the lights won’t turn on! If you have younger kids in the house make it a bit easier (to avoid those meltdowns) by using colored tape.

Eyeball Ice Cubes- Talk about a super cute and fun prank for those with kids at home. Just grab some mini marshmallows, create some eyes using food markers and place them in an ice cube tray. Freeze overnight and now you have an instant prank the kids will love.

Cereal Prank- Have a house full of cereal eaters for breakfast? Fill their favorite cereal bowl the night before and place in the freezer. Come morning watch their utter confusion as they are unable  to get anything on their spoon. Get the cameras ready for this one.

Insect Lamps- A creepy crawler prank is always a good one (especially when the bugs are fake). Grab some plastic bugs and place them on the inside of the lamp shades. When the lights turn on so will the screams. 

Did you want salt with your coffee- This one may get you in a little bit of trouble. A classic prank where you swap out the sugar for salt in your loved one’s morning coffee. Don’t say we didn’t warn you on this one.

Loud noises- Add a little surprise when they step out of the shower by placing some bubble wrap under the shower mat. Go a little crazy and  place bubble wrap under high traffic areas in your home for some endless laughs.

PortoVino Fun- Let’s face it, most people out there still don’t know that a wine purse is even a thing. So go hang out with a group of friends who do not know about your PortoVino. Go to a location where no wine is available and offer them a glass of wine. Check out their expressions when they see you pouring from your own purse. It will be the best prank they had all day!

April’s fool day can be so much fun. Fill up your Portovino Wine Purse and sit back and enjoy all the fruits of your labor. But just remember if you prank them, be prepared to get pranked back. Just be sure to be a good sport and enjoy the silliness of the day! Cheers to a day filled with laughter!


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