Fun Facts about Red Wine

Gotta love for wine? You are in good company!  Grab your favorite bottle of red wine, pour yourself a glass, kick your feet up and check out these fun facts about wine. After reading these you’ll be ready for wine trivia and feeling good about your love for wine.

Drinking wine in small doses is actually very good for you - in fact, many studies have shown that drinking wine in moderation is actually better for you than if you do not drink it at all (just in case you needed a reason to have that glass tonight!)
  • Red wine contains antioxidants which lower your chances of certain cardiovascular diseases as well as type 2 diabetes. So go ahead and enjoy that wine ( in moderation of course) as it is doing your body good.
  • Since drinking red wine helps to destroy those free radicals in your body, it has been said that those who drink wine in moderation have younger looking skin. Say goodbye wrinkles and hello wine :)
Wine phobia is real - This one may shock you. There is a real condition oenophobia in which one is afraid of all things wine. From drinking wine, to choosing out a wine and all things related to wine.. Of all the conditions, I sure am glad I don’t have this one!

Good things really do last forever - Did you know that wine is over 9,000 years old! The very first vineyards are believed to have been found in the Middle East dating back to over 9,000 years ago.

Wine needs to be stored sideways - There is actually a reason why wine bottles are stored on their side. Apart from the space saving and aesthetics looks, wine needs to be stored on its side to help prevent the wine from drying out. Keeping those wine bottles horizontal pushes the liquid against the cork, which helps keep the wine fresh and delicious. Of course since there is more and more of a push towards screw tops, you really do not need to keep it on its side, but shhhh… that will be our little secret.

Younger wines are healthier - While it is true that the longer a red wine ages the better it tastes. This is because the wine becomes sweeter with age but if you are looking for the health benefits of wine, you should opt for a younger wine. The levels of antioxidants in younger wines are more abundant and will help deliver those great health benefits.

Drinking wine improves your sex life - Alright ladies, here is one fun fact you will love. Studies have shown that women who drink 2 glass of red wine a day see an increase in their sex drive as well as physical pleasure than those who don’t. So next time the hubby says put down the wine, remind him of this :)

Wine can relieve stress - No question about it, after a long stressful day some of us look forward to relaxing with that glass of wine. But did you know that wine actually helps to lower your stress level due to the fact that wine contains resveratrol. This is a compound that repairs our DNA which in turns lowers stress and anxiety levels. So now you know why that wine really does help that stress melt away.

Nearly all red wines are made from one type of grape - Just one type of grape (Vitis vinifera) is responsible for those wines we love. Your favorite Cabernet, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Syrah and many others are all made from this one species of grapes!

We all know that red wine is delicious and pairs well with so many of our favorite foods but now you have even more reasons to pop open that bottle of Merlot tonight. Go ahead and enjoy that wine and don’t forget to grab your Portovino Wine purse so you can enjoy your wine wherever you may be. Cheers!


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