Get the Most Out of Your PortoVino

Get the Most Out of Your PortoVino
10 Fun Tips!

Handbags have become one of women’s must-have accessories. They make us feel stylish, glamorous, powerful, and just plain happy! The right purse can make us feel like a million bucks no matter which outfit we are wearing.  From bucket bags to totes to clutches, we all have our favorite style for the season. 

Purses needs to make both a fashion AND personal statement and have functionality.  When we were young, a purse just had to “look” right, but as we get older, with more responsibilities, our purses also need to serve a purpose.  For certain, we want our purse to hold our keys, phone, money, and the essential make up for that quick refresh on the go. As we enter into the workforce, it has to carry a variety of things from laptops to notebooks to schedulers and journals. As moms, there are a slew of items from baby bottles to toys to snacks to diapers, and it seems like even the kitchen sink some days. We slim down our purse size for evening wear and we supersize it for active wear.

At PortoVino we get it!  We start designing our purses from the aesthetics.  What a PortoVino looks like is our primary goal - it has to make a fashion statement.  From a functional perspective, the PortoVino is unique! There aren’t many purses out there that, in addition to the standard functionality you would expect from a purse, have a secret insulated pocket used to stash your favorite beverages.  This allows for a safe way to hold and pour your beverages on the go, without anyone suspecting anything. It’s literally like having the best kept secret in your purse! Now that is a statement! The great thing is that it doesn’t just have to stop at beverages, and certainly not alcohol. Let’s take a look at the PortoVino purse’s functionality and all you can do with it. 

While the outside of each PortoVino has fashion in mind, they are also made of a variety of materials such as vegan leather and top grade canvas or polyester. Each handbag is designed to look good and be extremely durable while being environmentally friendly. The main compartment is extremely spacious, and is great for including all your day to day necessities. Depending on the size of the purse, you can fit your wallet, notebook, and laptops comfortably. Our Canvas Tote bags, even fit full size beach towels!  Each bag includes at least two interior side pockets that are perfect for quick access items, such as keys, cell phones, lipsticks, or business cards. 

PortoVino Paris Purse

The PortoVino’s magic lies within the main compartment as it is roomy, secure, and accessible.  Then, for the extra fun, a secret, zippered, insulated pocket tucked to the side. This insulated compartment hugs the side-wall of the purse.  It is sizeable as it’s designed to fit the party pouch which can hold up to 1.5Liters of the beverage of your choice, either hot or cold. Although that is a primary design feature with the benefit of being able to bring your wine on the go, the PortoVino is an everyday purse for women.  You don’t have to be carrying alcohol or beverages around just because you have your PortoVino. It’s functionality allows you to be versatile. Here are a list of ideas outside of the wine so you can make full use of your PortoVino - day or night.

Pack your lunch 

The insulated pocket will keep your food and drinks warm or cool.  If you need extra cooling, check out the ice pack that has extra cooling power.

Keep your makeup cool

On those hot summer days, keep your make up cool by storing your makeup pouch in the insulated pocket. No more soft lipstick.

Extra Storage

Use it as an extra pocket, even if you are not keeping anything warm or cold.

Stay Hydrated

If you are a water drinker or keep telling yourself you need to be, fill your PortoVino with water. At 1.5 Liters (50oz) it’s a good daily amount for most and one of the healthiest things you can do.  Keep a second pouch in your fridge so it is ready to go wherever you go.

Keep Caffeinated

Yes, it is not just for cold drinks.  Feel free to load that latte or hot tea up in your party pouch and you can pour your friends a nice hot coffee at that morning get together.

Snacks on the go

Whether for your kids or yourself, snacking not only gets us through the day, but it has been proven to be good for you. No one likes a warm cup of carrots or fruit. Let the PortoVino keep them fresh by storing them in small portion containers and put them in your insulated pocket. They will be fresh when you need them.

Frozen drinks

Go ahead and make that margarita and put it in your party pouch and store it in the freezer for an hour or 2 until it starts to freeze. Be sure to under fill it as liquid expands when it freezes. When you are ready to go, your beverage will be nice and chilled.  Keep in mind if it does freeze, just allow it to thaw before you pour.

Freeze it

If you have to keep anything cold, use the party pouch as an ice pack.  Simply put water in the pouch, freeze it and pop it in the frozen pouch, along with anything else you need to keep cold in the insulated pocket.

Bring your own dressing

That is correct. Who doesn't love a good salad and yet the wrong dressing can either ruin the flavor and definitely your calorie count if you are watching calories. Place your favorite smooth salad dressing in the party pouch and you can pour freely.

Zip it

Don't use the insulated pocket at all. One of my favorite things about the PortoVino is that it can be used any day or night without the insulated pocket. It is fashionable enough to just zip up the compartment and use it as you would any other purse.

The best thing is that the insulated pocket is there for you when you need it. You can go to work in the morning with some lunch in it. When you get home, you can remove your containers and pop in the party pouch before you meet up with your friends.  

If you have a PortoVino and want to share how you use it, we would love to hear from you! Click the button below and let us know!



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