2018 Gift Guide for Wine Lovers

In case you haven’t noticed, all of us here at PortoVino love wine...like really, really love wine. And we know that if you’ve made it all the way across the world wide web to find us, you and your friends probably love wine, too. In the spirit of the holidays (that will very soon be crushing all of our souls) we’ve compiled a few gift ideas for any wine enthusiast to help make the holidays a bit more bearable. And if the list doesn’t help, we know the wine will.

PortoVino Wine Bag

What better way to show someone you care than to gift them with the ability to drink anywhere and everywhere...literally. The opportunity to chill the heck out through holiday chaos, hours of four year olds chasing a soccer ball, PTA meetings trying to not strangle Karen for whining about the color of the holiday recital banner. You can keep your cool and so can your wine without sacrificing your couture.

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FREEZE Cooling Cups

Ok, yes PortoVino keeps your beverage of choice chilled while in your purse, but what about once it’s poured? I know some of us are perfectly capable of downing a glass of wine before it gets warm, but sometimes ya gotta take it own a notch. Wine FREEZE Cooling Cups by HOST Studios maintains the temperature of your wine by insulating the cups with a cooling gel that holds its chill for two hours. Hard to say to no these babies, especially with their beautiful slate grey exterior. They also come in a variety of other colors, too, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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Champagne Candle

We all have that friend (or are that friend) that has an understandable obsession with Champagne. For those times that perhaps drinking Champagne is ‘inappropriate’ - Monday morning, le sigh - we can begrudgingly settle for this gorgeous, rose gold Champagne-scented candle from Jonathan Adler. A subtle reminder of all those bottles of Champagne we so fondly spent our evenings with. 

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Chateau Stain Remover

Let’s face it, we all have a little clumsy in us…especially after a few glasses of wine. Chateau Spill red wine stain remover is the essential stocking stuffer for any wine drinker or highly gestured communicator. It is not only formulated to effortlessly remove tough stains, but is also non-toxic on skin and colorfast on countless fabric types. Less scrubbing more drinking.

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Wine Aromas

Anyone who has ever said discerning the scent of wet gravel from Alsace in a glass of white wine is easy, is lying to you.  Lucky for us we have Wine Aromas, Le Nez Du Vin by Jean Lenoir. This approachable wine aroma testing kit affords those of us professional wine drinkers the opportunity to enhance our tasting experience by developing an understanding of the nuances of the aroma of wine. There are a variety of kits available for all levels of enthusiasts, ranging from novice to expert.  One step closer to achieving that wine snob status. Or not.

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Mole Skin Wine Journal

It’s difficult to find journals more thoughtfully detailed than a Moleskin. Their Wine Journal is certainly no exception. With 6 wine specific tabs, wine tastings can be thoroughly documented in an easily accessible and well-organized format that makes referencing past tastings simple and informative. Not to mention we now have an excuse to drink solo and call it “research”.

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Twelve Nights of Wine - Wine From Around The World

How better to see the world than to do so through wine. Perhaps actually traveling the world might be best but wine takes a damn close second. With 12 individually bottled pours, Twelve Nights of Wine by Vinebox chooses a variety of wines from regions throughout the world and delivers them to your door in a counter-worthy black and gold, limited edition box. A superior replacement to the Twelve Days of Christmas in our opinion - and we’re not alone in that so we’d suggest you pre-order for yourself (and others, if you must), pronto.

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Oster Tuxedo Electric Wine Opener

We understand this may not be as elegant as a traditional corkscrew, however, this electric wine bottle opener makes a heck of a difference in terms of ease. Oster’s rechargeable, cordless wine opener simply makes life less complicated when attempting to open your bottle of wine after a long day or in a hurry. The best part, it only requires one hand, just think of the possibilities…

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Sip Caddy - Holds Your Wine Glass

Sometimes the world’s greatest treasures come in small, plastic packages. Behold, the Sip Caddy.  Have you ever tried to put a glass of wine on the edge of the bathtub? No way, that is not a thing. The Sip Caddy, again not exactly elegant, provides a simple, wine-safe way to take your bath and have your wine, too. #bathwine

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Wine Enthusiast Decanter Cleaner

Decanters are synonymous with all things bougie, but have you ever tried to wash one those things? Nearly impossible. This may seem like a simple, mundane gift, but what you’re truly gifting is less time trying to figure out how to fit a hand down a goose’s neck and more time actually enjoying wine. Game changer.

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Riedel Decanter Merlot

Speaking of decanters, an essential part of any oenophiles glassware, the Riedel Decanter Merlot is affordable, simple and elegant. It’s wide mouth provides a cleaner pour from bottle to decanter but is also designed for maximum airflow. The shape and weight of this model also offers a more approachable option when learning how to pour wine properly - which basically just means looking really “cool”

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Creuset Champagne Crown Sealer

Behold, the Beyonce of Champagne sealers. The Le Creuset Crown Champagne Sealer locks in carbonation in one motion and preserves the flavor and finish of any previously opened bottle of bubbly. Not to mention the sleek design quality material, but what else would be expect from Le Creuset?

*Wino tip: I’d recommend ordering on Amazon asap because these beauties are no longer in stock on the Le Creuset website!

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Wine Questionnaire Classics by Jay McInerney

For those wine enthusiasts out there that truly want to get out of their glass and know more about what their drinking, The Wine Questionnaire by Jay McInerney is a great way to start. This workbook offers a comprehensive guide that you will actually want to commit to. And if not, it still makes a beautiful addition to any coffee table and you’ll certainly gain some wine snob clout.

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