The Perfect Gift this Valentine's Day!

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you might be out looking for the perfect gift for your loved one(s).  Whether it is for your life partner, your latest flame BFF or the special people in your life, you want them to feel the love and gratitude that you feel for them.  Sure there are chocolates, stuffed animals and even jewelry, but PortoVino has something for everyone on your list.  These stylish purses and bags are designed for everyday and they double as special secret weapons that will allow you to quench your thirst on the go! 

PortoVinos are designed as fashionable everyday accessories with bag for both the men and women on your list.  Here are some suggested PortoVinos for the special ones in your life and how to spruce them up with just the right add-ons to make it extra special! 

PortoVino Classic



Looking for the Special Woman in your life...
If you are looking for a
romantic gift that says ‘you are the world to me’, look no further than the Milano PortoVino Purse.  This genuine leather purse handcrafted in Italy will make her feel loved.  But don’t stop there - fill it with some extra love. Include her favorite beverage of choice. Be it red wine or rose, beer or cold brew. or even a special n/a drink, add it to the purse.  Add some chocolates, and maybe even some special toys for the evening to make it a Valentine’s Day she will never forget. When the evening is over, she will have a beautiful purse that she can show off to her girlfriends!

PortoVino Milano


Looking for the Special Man in your life...
If you are looking for the GQ look for your man, the PortoVino Messenger bag is the place to go. The worn leather look is rugged yet stylish and you can choose between slate or camel. Add some of his favorite edibles - his favorite bottle of scotch, wine or beer along with some gourmet jerky.  Don’t forget to include a piece of your sexiest lingerie with a love note. He will look forward to celebrating a special Valentine’s Day with you!

PortoVino Messenger Bags

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your BFF, your sister, daughter or any of the women in your life, there are a lot of options, and we put together a fun Infographic to help figure out which bag is best suited for the one you love.  Check it out here. If you are looking for an overall great bag that will hold all your essentials, yet is lightweight and stylish, the PortoVino City Tote is a great way to make them feel special without breaking the bank. This spacious tote bag is made of an easy to maintain polyester, beautiful matching cotton interior lining that looks and feels great.  They can wear it everywhere they go, day or night. Add a box of chocolates or a PortoVino purse organizer and scarf to spruce it up. You will certainly make them feel special.

PortoVino City Tote

If you are looking for a his and hers gift or a gift that all your girlfriends will enjoy, the Tuscany Double Pour will be a great gift.  With double pouring spouts, your loved ones can go out on the town each sporting their beverage of choice yet enjoying it together!

PortoVino Tuscany Double Pour

Don’t forget to love on yourself this Valentine’s Day!  A PortoVino for the special someone looking back at you in the mirror just might be exactly what you need!  A good movie, a bottle of wine and a PortoVino!


Cheers to a Lovely Valentine's Day!

Love& Hugs



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