Eat everything on Turkey Day while looking great and feeling comfy!

I am certain you'll all look great this Thanksgiving, but the question is how do you feel great after that big Thanksgiving meal when your clothes feel like they magically shrunk all in the course of a couple of hours?  As someone who has long since past on depriving themselves of delicious and satisfying food to preserve my waistline during one of the greatest meals of the year, I prefer to do so in effortless comfort and style. And what better way to show gratitude to Auntie Margie than to devour her whole-milk laden mac and cheese in ignorant, yet delightful bliss. Sure we all have a part of us that wants to be focused on health and nutrition, but girl, Thanksgiving is a day that even pumpkin pie is considered a vegetable. So how about we just enjoy the food (and wine, of course) we are so thankful to have and do so without the pain of an ever-constricting waistband. Here are a few ideas on how to keep the comfort without sacrificing fashion for function.


ASOS DESIGN cut out v back
Sweater Dress

If this is not one of fashion’s greatest contributions to the world of eating then I don’t know what else is. Their warm to help soothe your food baby, aide in naps and also to “take out the garbage” when you really just need to take a family-breather. And despite their shapeless nature, their endless style options draw attention to where we decide is best. Like the one below with a surprising v-neck back.


Great Leggings

Ok, I said above that the sweater dress was a life-giving wardrobe piece but I’d be lying if we didn’t add a damn good pair of leggings to that. The Liverpool Reese Leggings are well-structured and provide substantial support but are also super stretchy for optimal comfort. Bring on the eating marathon.


Shirt Dress

I don’t know about you guys but sweating in a hot kitchen (or sweating from your relatives incessant judgement) is not comfortable. Behold, the classic shirt dress. A perfect alternative to the chunky sweater dress for those of us who aren’t blessed with winter weather.

What I love about this option from Lulus is that it offers tastefully placed slits (hello, breeze!) and an adjustable cinched waist so you don’t feel like you’re entirely figureless. Plus, you can gradually loosen the belt as you happily enjoy slice of pie number 3.


Blake Striped Wrap Pants

Paperbag Waist Pants

Does anyone even want to look like a paper-bag?! However, upon further investigation, I surrender to what could be my new holiday staple. These wide-leg, high-waisted pants are flattering on all body types and are just as comfortable as they are versatile. The variety of structures offers numerous style options, we’ve included the one above and another to give you the idea. Option 2: Hello adjustable waistband!


On The Road Pant

If I could envision what my daily winter wardrobe, which includes men-sized jogging pants and Shrek-size sweatshirts, would look like if I actually attempted to add any degree of style this would be it. These joggers not only look chic (and clearly comfy) but are also the unofficial color of the holidays and our favorite beverage, wine. Pair them with a flowy button down or chunky v-neck sweater, some booties or even some fresh kicks.

 Let’s be real, no matter how much you indulge in this Thanksgiving, you will still look just as beautiful as ever. Eat, drink, enjoy and love your body.

Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Black Friday Weekend Shopping!

Thanks to Jacqueline Westbrooke, PortoVino Contributing Blogger


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