Imperfectly Perfect Pairs

So we’ve all officially survived that lovely holiday we look forward to all year (or are blissfully ignorant to) known as Valentine’s Day. A day full of celebration, whether it be the love of another or the love of not having to share that bottle of wine you just opened with anyone but you. Well, this year I chose to celebrate something even more blissful than contrived dinner outings or awkward unanswered questions about your evenings’ plans. This year I celebrated the release of the gorgeous PortoVino Double Pour. Yes, you read that right, two pours. What better thing to celebrate than a match made in heaven, You + PortoVino + Two Bottles of Vino. As a wine drinking professional, I’d say that’s certainly the equation of love.

In honor of this beauty, we’ve put together a list of all things perfectly and imperfectly paired that come together, in one bag, to create a harmonious soiree of varying palates. Just like margaritas and guacamole, or margaritas and pretty much anything for that matter. And no, we do NOT recommend putting guacamole in your Porto-Vino Party Pouch (but if you do, let us know how it goes).

Whiskey and Wine

I’d say I’m fairly predictable when it comes to my drinking habits, sparkling wine, always a win. But I am known to occasionally cozy up with an Old Fashioned or an ounce of Jameson down the hatch. So when it comes to pleasing both of those fancies, and also a partner who turns their nose up to ‘fermented grape juice’, you’ve got the perfect opportunity to satisfy both needs. Throw some rose in a party pouch and a batch of Old Fashions in the second, give them some time in the freezer and you’re off to the races. Now you just need some friends to bring along those snazzy two-inch ice cubes. Now who’s fancy?

Dry and Sweet

I admit, this is the biggest reason for someone in my situation to absolutely adore the Double Pour. Sisterly love, can’t get much better than that. But what about when your sister, mom of a few, likes to let loose (perhaps at a toddlers soccer practice, no judgement) with a bottle of sweet, fruity sangria? Hey, we all have our poison, but I can’t even pretend to drink that for more than a half a glass...well, maybe if forced but we’re looking for enjoyment here, right? Now’s my opportunity to offer sister her sangria and me my clean, crisp, dry Sauvignon Blanc. Which leads me to another occasion…

Red Versus White

I self-admittingly have a problem with spillage. It’s fairly constant. I should consider seeking treatment for this problem. This is, I confess, part of why I lean towards white wine in public. This is of no inconvenience for me as I love all my wines as I would if they were my children, equally. But it is a factor. So now I can please myself and my more delicate friends who can safely drink wine safely unaware of its staining affects.

Margaritas ALL Around

Here’s the thing about margaritas, they are delicious. They balance sour, sweet, bitter and salty. And yes, the tequila does add a nice affect, too. But let’s be honest, without the tequila this is just a really delicious limeade that anyone, at all ages, would happily enjoy. Now there’s a party pouch for you and your parent-pal to enjoy and another for the kiddos to safely enjoy, too. That will certainly make that taco party more inclusive. Just make sure there’s always a designated pour supervisor!

To Cleanse or Not to Cleanse?

Believe it or not there are plenty of people out there with enough self-control to detox their bodies from alcohol, for days, weeks, months, even lifetimes, and hey, good on ya! Therefore, why not have a mocktail party? Mocktails can be just as much fun and creative as cocktails and they ensure everyone is included. And in the event that all our friends/acquaintances do consume alcohol, have them bring their PortoVino Double Pour with a chilled party pouch of vodka and tequila and everyone can make their own mocktails, cocktails or otherwise with their own slight (or heavy) hand. Here’s a couple great recipes that are satisfying with or without the booze!

Anyway you pour it, this Double Pour will totally be a welcome addition to your purse life. And also drinking life. Definitely double the pleasure.


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