PortoVinos by Ruby Farias

Imagine a purse that not only lets you bring your wine wherever you go but also was custom painted to match your unique personality. Well, we have you covered. Super excited to bring to you our limited collection of hand-painted Portovinos by Ruby Farias. She is an artist with a passion for creating one of a kind pieces for those who want to be seen, standout and flaunt their sense of style. These beautiful custom designs can be found right here . Grab your glass of wine and sit back and get to know Ruby Farias.

Meet Ruby Farias

It’s funny how everything became full circle. At least for me anyway… 

When I was a young girl, I always drew shoes, dresses, symbols and nature. As I took art classes throughout my school years, I learned all types of mediums. In high school I wanted to become a clothing designer but that didn’t happen and instead I ended up going to modeling school and doing some work in Chicago. For many years, whether it was watercolor, charcoal, painting with acrylics, using pencils or pens,art was just a big part of my life. As an adult, I moved to the East Coast and started my first business creating beaded jewelry. I focused on my craft and fashion as I started producing fashion shows.  I later decided I needed “a day job” so I then had a banking career where I took about a 15 year hiatus from my art. It wasn’t until 2001 when I started painting again and I realized how much painting fed my soul and it was then when I questioned myself why I had ever put my brush down. I opened my studio on Grand Avenue in downtown Phoenix, sold my work online and in galleries on First Fridays. Eventually I left the corporate world when the economy tanked in 2008. I had already been planning to leave because my daughter was 10 years old so it was then that I began focusing on my passion. In 2011, I opened the first paint and sip studio in North Scottsdale/Phoenix and decided I needed something to wear in the studio, so I painted a dress and a pair of boots and wore that to the studio. Many people were drawn to it and that lead me to begin painting on clothing and accessories. My first runway show was for Alice Cooper’s Rock the Runway event where I created everything that was in the show. I eventually took my paintings and had fabric made with my print and started designing clothing with that fabric. I mixed my love for fashion and my art to make something new. Now I'm also designing clothes and it was what I really had wanted to do in my late teens and twenties. As I look back and think through all of the experiences I have had, I can say this is where I belong, painting on clothing, accessories and designing clothing and home goods. 

I met Marisa on Arizona Unzipped which is a fashion and art talk show that I co-host and I thought her wine purses were fabulous. I reached out to her to chat and we decided to collaborate. Custom work is what I have done for many years and it has been so much fun creating these made to order designs on the Porto Vino Wine Purses. I am always inspired by nature, flowers and my desire to make things prettier with a splash of paint or embellishments. My normal process is to look very closely at whatever I am going to paint on. I think about who might be purchasing the item and where they might be taking these wine purses, so I try to fit the possibilities. 

I would love to know which one you might like best or even get your feedback on a design idea. 

Always wishing you the best.




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