Lessons learned in 2020

Yay - Welcome 2021!  We made it through one of the most challenging years of a lifetime - give yourselves a pat on the back!  Looking back, it is hard to even believe all we went through.  A new year is generally a time to come up with new resolutions, but it is equally important to reflect on what we learned from the past year.  With a year like 2020, I would say it is especially important as we all learned so much.  Let’s take a moment and reflect on a few of the lessons learned because we are surely much stronger as a result. 

We are stronger than we realize- Is that an understatement or what? Who knew that having a global pandemic would make us all realize how strong we are as individuals and as a nation. Our world as we knew it was completely turned upside down, but together we banned and found the strength to overcome and deal with the million and one things that were thrown our way. We learned how to balance working from home, getting the kids to virtual school and keeping our loved one safe and so much more. 

We fight for what we believe in- Aside from the pandemic, we learned that it is okay to stand up and fight for what you believe in. In a time of turmoil and a deadly pandemic, people took a stand against racial inequality and fought for our brothers and sisters.

We are there for each other- One of the most amazing things that happened in 2020 was to see everyone coming together to help those in need. From the volunteers at the  food banks, to the front line workers going to work day in and day out to ensure that our needs were met to the amazing healthcare workers risking their own lives to help save ours is just simply amazing. 

We learned how to be flexible- Whether you are a planner or not, it all went out the window in 2020. As our daily lives changed, we were forced to be flexible.  Working from home, social distancing, wearing masks, home schooling our kids, change in sports schedules, consistent hand-santizing, are just some of the many things that our new normal required and we stepped up.  

We have some much to be grateful for- One major lesson learned from 2020 is the simple fact that we should not take anything for granted and we should appreciate all the big and little things we have.  I mean who knew how sad it would be to not be able to get together with crazy Uncle Bob this Thanksgiving?  No matter how devastating Covid impacted us, we need to stop and be grateful for the loved ones in our lives and the little things that fill us with joy.

No matter how you look at the past year, one thing we can all agree on is that- 2020 was a year like no other (and one we hope we never repeat). We live in a world of constant change, and we often forget that. However, 2020 was a blunt reminder of that reality. So today we invite you to raise a glass with us and pat yourself on the back and remember that even as bad as 2020 may have been, we have learned some beautiful life lessons along the way. And for that, I am grateful. Cheers


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