Meet The Swankey

Have you heard the PortoVino & Swankey have joined forces!  We are so excited to welcome the Swankey into our line as we are always looking to give you the best mix of fashion and functionality.  So when the opportunity came up to merge the 2 best wine purses in the industry, we jumped on it.  The Swankey's patented design offers functionality but with the benefit of supersizing the wine purse. So when you really want to bring the party - the PortoVino Swankey will have you covered!  The Swankey includes a 3L beverage pouch - large enough to hold up to 4 bottles of wine (What????  - I know).  So you can either load it up with wine or just drop in your favorite boxed wine pouch. With this capacity, you can nearly treat all the kids with water at the next soccer game. 


You'll love to know that the Swankey's founder was also a small woman owned business. Tracey Luebbers brought the Swankey to life in 2011 after she saw the need for an easier way to carry enough drinks to share with friends as they headed to the pool, the beach, concerts and of course outdoor sports games.  Tracey put a lot of effort into designing a tote that  could bring her drink of choice while looking fashionable and concealed.  Her Swankey design was made right here in the USA by a women run and owned facility.  The Swankey has a different design than the PortoVino with a hidden zippered insulated compartment on the bottom of the purse, leaving the top of the purse stylish and large enough for all your essentials.

They are available In a variety of cotton canvas patterns. Super fun designs and there is bound to be one that you will just fall in love with.  

"We felt that adding the Swankey Collection to our line was a match made in heaven. So we acquired the line and could not be more excited to share them with our customers."  said PortoVino founder Marisa China. 

We have been wanting to offer an option to our loyal customers who have been asking for a super sized version, so here you go ladies. Oh, and guess what? We have a few more surprises coming your way in the next few weeks, so stay tuned. But for now, go ahead and grab that Swankey as they are limited quantities. Cheers!


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