NY Fashion Week 2019 - Outfits that Inspire and Wines and PortoVinos to pair them with

New York Fashion Week is always such an incredible event where top designers launch next season’s hottest fashions. It is no surprise that bold colors and florals were top of mind for Spring 2020, but as always there were a plethora of interesting and unique collections. We selected two designers that inspired us, showcased some of their collection and designated a wine to pair with the launch of their collection. We will even tell you which PortoVino would work the best!


First on the list, Tommy Hilfiger and Zendaya paired up to create an amazing event! With a stage reminiscent of a street scene from the 70s, muscle car and all, the collection was right there with it. Although the set and clothing line were vintage-inspired Hilfiger and Zendaya’s approach was avante-garde catering to what everyone wants - a collection that no one has to wait for. That’s right you heard it, what a cool approach - no more waiting around for the next season. Their show was all about this Fall’s fashion and you could literally go to Tommy Hilfiger’s website and order what the models were wearing while you were watching them strut down the catwalk!

 There were lots of throwback-inspired tailored suits, bell bottom pants and even velvet pant suits with ruffled under shirts (reminded me of Prince). The collection included a lot of cool layered jackets and coats, along with fun patterns such as polka dots and plaids. Vintage-inspired yet stunning looks we would all love today.

Wine Pairing:  What are you going to drink with it you ask? We’ve got just the wine - Lambrusco - a throwback from the 70s & 80s, but just as magical as Hilfiger and Zendaya have made the 70’s come back better than before, so has this wine transformed. 40 - 50 years ago, Lambrusco was a mass-produced, overly-sweet, effervescent, headache-inducing wine. Today, this wine, named after both the grape and the area it is cultivated in Northern Italy is back - better than before. It still contains the effervescent qualities characteristic of Lambrusco along with being high in acidity and low in tannins. It is available in semi or fully sparkling and you can also select from dry, off-dry or sweet. Best of all Lambruscos are considered to pair with a wide range of food and are generally a more affordable bottle of wine as they rarely cost more than $20 a bottle.

Lambrusco and PortoVino Camel Messenger bag

Wine Recommendation: Try Venturini Baldini Marchese Mandori Lambrusco. Wine.com describes it as fascinating aromas of cherries and flowers with hints of spices. Medium body, light bubbles and a fresh and delicious finish. From organically grown grapes. The bonus is this green wine is made sustainable and organic.  Buy at Wine.com 

Pair PortoVino:  We would definitely look to the PortoVino Camel Messenger bag to pair with Hilfiger and Zendaya’s collection and the Lambrusco. Our Messenger Bag has a fresh yet retro vibe with a suede like finish. The classic Camel color is fabulous with the shades of brown that pair perfectly with this fun 70’s inspired line.



Tory Burch made an indelible mark at NYFW creating fashionable designs inspired by Princess Diana and the 80s and all taking place in the Brooklyn Museum transformed to resemble an English Garden.  The collection incorporated a combination of mixed prints including stripes, polka dots and color blocks, along with mixing pastels and bold colors.  Burch brought in a bit of a clean utilitarian look, mixed with tailored suits and flowing dresses and blouses. Gorgeous, romantic florals and timeless pieces for Spring 2020 were often paired with sneakers and flats.  Although there were some pumps present a la Princess Diana style.

Wine Pairing:  What to drink with it? We had to get our inspiration from Princess Diana. Although she didn’t drink much, it was noted her favorite wine was a crisp, dry white wine. We are going to go with Sauvignon Blanc for this one.

sauvignon blanc and PortoVion Dove Grey Classic


Wine Recommendation: Loveblock Sauvignon Blanc, 2018 is highly rated on Wine.com.  Once again it is a green wine and at under $25 a bottle, it’s a must try.  I know we are not supposed to judge a wine by its label, but we loooove the label too!  Buy it at Wine.com

PortoVino Pairing: Pair Burch’s collection and your Sauvignon Blanc with our Classic PortoVino in Dove Grey. Clean, neutral, versatile and transitional from day-to-night, it’s the perfect bag to compliment this line!

Cheers to new fashion and good wines!



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