Portable Wine Cocktails Great for Any Time of Year

There are two reasons why one wine-lover might want to take such a near perfect product - that being wine - and turn it into a mixed cocktail. 1. You’re a badass hostess that gets a tiny twinge of joy when you see that glimmer of envy in your guests’ eye when they see your bar setup. 2. You’ve been gifted a bottle (or more) of wine that you certainly couldn’t stomach without doctoring it in some way.

Viola, 4 ingredient or less wine cocktails that travel well (Hello, Porto-Vino!) for wine drinkers of all styles.


Lighter Red Wine Cocktails

Cardinal Cocktail

Perfectly simple. Red wine, typically a lighter red such as a pinot noir or merlot (crappy or not is up to you) with a splash of creme de cassis. It’s the less known version of a ‘Kir’ which is typically made with a french white table wine, or a Kir Royale made with french sparkling wine. But girl c’est la vie use that red wine instead!

Cardinal Cocktail

Pinot Noir Margarita

I had to take a mental pause, literally, when I saw this cocktail. O.M.G. If I ever encounter a bottle of pinot noir this will be the first thing I do with it. Plus, how fancy are you? French red wine mixed with the ultimate sassy, Jimmy Buffett-famed cocktail. Whoever can take credit for this recipe deserves a Nobel Peace Prize because it certainly brings peace to any situation I find myself in.


White Wine Cocktails


I’ve already used my O.M.G. quota for this blog but if I had another to spare I would use it for this cocktail. Sub sparkling wine to really show you’re Queen Bee and you’ve hit all requirements for a damn good cocktail - sparkle, beauty, sweet, bitter, delicious enough to want more than one. Keep in mind, Aperol or Campari are killer additions to your home bar. It’s bitter and sweet with a knock of citrus that is versatile year-round.  It can also be added to sparkling water for light, appetite inducing aperitif.

Sassy Pinot Grigio Martini

Oh how I dislike the name of this cocktail, but for real it is quite the way to start an evening (and to use that godforsaken Pinot Grigio that’s getting dusty on your wine rack). Please just promise to change the name to something more appropriate like ‘soon-to-be-forgetful girl martini’ or ‘please-make-sure-I-don’t-lose-my-iPhone martini’.


Big Red Wine Cocktails

Cabernet Cobbler

I like to fluff my own feathers when I open a bottle of big, fat red wine. Bring on any ribeye you can find and I down to gnaw on some rib bones. And in the event that I can’t flex my muscles and finish the whole bottle (please note this is rare) I can remind myself how savage I am with this afternoon-ready cocktail at my disposal.

Mulled Wine

Anyone else love cocktails you can drink discretely from a coffee mug? I see all you moms/dads/anyone out there nodding in agreeance! Mulled, spiced wine smells great, looks great and tastes like heaven on day suffocated by holiday spirit (or all-day soccer tournament). Not to mention it’s great room temperature or cooler, like a spicy, citrus sangria.


Sparkling Wine Cocktail

Sparkling Cran Cider

Oh what love I have for sparkling wine. There are so many fabulous things I could say about sparkling wine but that could take all day and we all have some drinking to do. Therefore, please note and enjoy the two below cocktails, which go without saying, are gorgeous, delicious and totally party-worthy but even more worthy of casual weeknight drinking, too.


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