Show Your Love With the Sweetest Wines this New Year!

Nothing is ever too late for a post - New Year celebration. Though the countdown for 2018 has already ended and no signs of fireworks can be seen painted over the sky, every tick of the clock is still a chance to show your loved ones just how special they are! Let them know just how they made your 2018 spectacular by giving them a delightful surprise of sweet wines. Its irresistible sweetness will keep them beaming!


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Give that special friend of yours a grin from ear to ear! 2018 is another fine year to strengthen your bond. Let the taste of butterscotch, marmalade, honeysuckle, ginger, caramel, tropical fruit, mango, citrus, coconut, baking spices and honeyed apricot fused in each Sauternes bottle speak the sweetness of your friendship! Pairing this with either blue cheese or foie gras is also a splendid idea to get your gift a sweet final touch.

Moscato d’Asti

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Take time to send your significant other a reminder of your love! The sweetness coming from this white wine is enough to explain your deepest appreciation. Moscato d’ Asti, made from Muscat Blanc grapes, leaves a refreshing and a note of bubbly aftermath. And don’t forget to add a heartfelt card too!

Vin Santo

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Your family deserves a wine that lives up to its standards. Melt your sibling’s hearts with the remarkable mark of dried apricot, aromas of hazelnut etc. This is perfectly paired with biscotti, a crunchy glee, which is to be savored after dinner.  The combination of the dessert wine and biscotti is called the”Cantucci e Vin Santo,” considered as a sweet welcoming tradition of Italy.

Tokaji Aszú

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Send your co-worker a bottle of white wine! This is a great companion while in the workplace and at home. Tokaji Aszú is an elegant, richly sweet golden white wine ideal for special occasions.


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