So Many Ways to Use Your PortoVino

Here at Portovino, we get that your purse is not only an everyday essential but also can be a total fashion statement. When you have the right purse, there’s no question about it— you feel like a million bucks, right? Finding a bag that is as unique as you… well that’s a fashion game-changer. Well that is what Portovino is all about. We took fashion combined with functionality and added one unique feature to make your Portovino the ultimate fashion statement. Sure, our purse was originally created to discreetly carry your wine wherever you go, but there are so many other ways to get the most out of the Portovino Wine Purse. From family outings to office meetings, take a peek at all the ways the PortoVino will have you covered.

Early Morning Meetings - Be the hero at the next early morning office meeting and fill up your Portovino with some piping hot coffee. Skip the coffee carrying balancing act and put a smile on your coworker’s face. What better way to start the morning?

Stay Hydrated - Heading on a family hike and don’t want to have to carry all those extra water bottles? Maybe planning a day in the park with the kids? Or simply wanting to get your daily fill of water? Your Portovino can carry up to 1.5L of any liquid so no matter where you go, you will always be sure to stay hydrated and feel refreshed.

Must have dressings - Are you one of those people who just can’t live without your ranch dressing? Nothing is worse than getting to that picnic and finding out that they have no ranch! Stress no more, you can even put your favorite dressing in your Portovino. You will never be ranch-less again!

Skip the concession stands - Summer time is here and that means spending time at the kids and local sporting events with the family. Nothing is worse than having to leave to stand in those long crazy lines and miss an exciting moment to get a drink. No thank you! Just fill up your favorite beverage and never skip a beat again. From kids sporting games to your daughter’s dance recital, be the parent who captures every moment.

Backyard Bartender - Whip up any of your favorite cocktails from Margaritas to Long Island Ice Teas ahead of time, place it all in your insulated Portovino pouch and serve away. The days of just beer and water at those family barbecues are over thanks to Portovino.

Keep it Frozen - Did you know that you can use your pouch to freeze your drinks? Perfect for a long car ride when you know you have a while before you will be drinking that water or any beverage. Simply load up the pouch, leaving some room for the beverage to expand as it freezes and freeze it overnight. The next morning, your beverage will be frozen and you can sip as it defrosts. Who knew your purse could do so much?

Snacks anyone? - The PortoVinos hidden insulated pocket can hold more than the beverage pouch, you can even put mini tupperwares or plastic baggies of your snacks.  Whether you are bringing a sandwich along, cheese and crackers or your favorite fruit, the insulated pocket will keep it colder longer. Don’t forget the PortoVino Ice pack that keeps your beverages and snacks even colder.

The list goes on and on of how you can use your Portovino. Talk about fashion meets function! The reality is with PortoVino, you don’t need to bring your purse and a cooler, and a water bottle, it’s all in the bag. With so many styles from bags, to totes, to purses, to backpacks, we are bound to have a style that you will just love. Feel free to tag us on Instagram and let us know how you use your bag as we would love to hear from you! Cheers friends.


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