Social Distancing Summer Getaway Ideas

Summer is here finally! For many of us, summer means time on the beach, hanging out with friends, packing up the family and heading out for some much-needed relaxation and fun in the good old outdoors. Since we are still adjusting to what our new norms are and finding the right balance of vacation time and social distancing, finding the perfect summer vacation can be a bit challenging. So, we have compiled a list of some great ways to getaway that you can enjoy while keeping safe. Cheers to a great Summer.

RV Camping - Hit the open road this summer and explore some new areas. You and your family will be able to cook, sleep, and use the restroom all from the comfort and safety of the RV. Map out different state parks that you have always wanted to visit. Or drive down one of those scenic routes and see where the day takes you.

Remote ranches - Across the United States, there are numerous remote ranches that offer a plethora of fun family activities that are sure not to be crowded. From horseback riding, animal feedings and sightseeing these remote ranches offer a tranquil and peaceful way to get away this summer. Most of these ranches only allow one or two families at a time so you can enjoy the beauty of these ranches with no one around.

Boating adventures - Did you know that you can rent a houseboat and spend a few days out in the water? Spend your days swimming, catching some rays from the deck of the boat, relaxing with a nice glass of wine while star gazing at night. Sounds like a dream come true right?

Ghost town exploration - For those with a sense of adventure and having the urge to spend the day out on the town. A ghost town is a perfect way to get out and do something different this summer while avoiding the crowds. Get the camera ready as you explore a life that was left behind.  Some ghost towns even let you explore the buildings that were left behind. 

Get adventurous - Seeking a little adventure this summer? Consider some of the more extreme sports that are not meant for the faint at heart. Consider kayaking, white water rafting (many places are allowing very small groups), go on a long hike, or maybe even hang glide off a mountain. That adrenaline rush will keep you going and the memories will last a lifetime.

Rent a Home Away - There are plenty of beautiful places in the US that are off the beaten path. Plan on visiting one.  Rent a home for a day or a week and just enjoy getting away. Do some research on places to visit and then check our AirBNB, VRBO or HomeAway to see what is out there. A change of scenery does a body good!

Secluded beaches - a Summer without going to the beach just doesn’t seem right, so instead of forgoing the beach as a whole— why not scout out some of the more secluded beaches and enjoy some fun in the sand with your family.  If you are driving distance to a state on the coastline with open beaches, do some research on secluded beaches.  See if you can find your own piece of heaven. Pack a lunch and enjoy the beach with minimal people.

Backyard Adventures - If all else fails, have a family vacation without even leaving your home. Pitch a tent in the backyard, roast some S'mores, and star gaze at the stars. Light a campfire and just enjoy being with your loved ones. A simple yet effective way of getting out of the house and having some summer fun.

This summer might be different than what we are used to. And while it may mean no exotic vacations out of the country or trips to the waterparks or large amusement parks it certainly does not mean you still can’t getaway. Getting more creative in our vacationing gives us an opportunity to do some different things and create amazing memories with our families and close friends. What are your plans for the summer? We would love to hear what great summer ideas you are cooking up.


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