Spooky yet Yummy Halloween drinks to serve at your Halloween Party

Witches, Vampires and Ghost, oh my! Halloween is such a fun time and no question about it, we all enjoy seeing all the costumes and the little trick or treaters . Sure, the best part of Halloween for most is indulging on all that candy that you swiped from your kids but after the trick or treating ends, why not have some ghoulish grown up delights as well? Whether you're throwing a monster mash bash or spending the night at home treating yourself, these cocktails are sure to make your evening a little spookier and a lot tastier. Happy Halloween!


Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Party Punch-  A perfect spooky drink for any Halloween Party. Get festive and serve the punch in beakers and decorate the punch bowl table with creepy laboratory props.

Spooky Halloween Punch - This one is sure to please and it’s the perfect non alcoholic party drink for all. The key to this ghoulish delight is the creepy frozen ice sculptures. No question about it, the kids may have more fun making the ice then drinking the punch! If you want an adult version of this simply spike the punch with 4-6 cups of vodka.

Vampire Kiss Martini Because no Halloween would be complete without a kiss from a vampire, right? This elegant cocktail is so delicious, super easy to make and a definite crowd pleaser.

Jack o Lantern Cocktail Oh, this one is just so pretty to look at! It tastes even better than it looks. So if you are looking for a quick and easy festive drink, we think this one is absolutely divine.

Color Changing Margaritas- Grab your witch’s broom and cast a magic spell that will delight and surprise your guests. With a simple flick of your wrist, watch the margaritas change colors! Okay, okay it is not really magic but hey it’s Halloween! The secret ingredient is purple cabbage (but shh don’t tell and don’t worry the ice cubes have no flavor)


Halloween is just so much fun and we hope that whatever you do this year, you have a spooky day. If you are heading out to a Monster Bash this year and want to bring your drink, just grab your Portovino and fill it up with one of these yummies (and maybe you can share- totally up to you). Happy Hauntings!


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