Spring Fashion Trends We Are Excited About

Warmer weather is just around the corner and for that we could not be more excited. Being able to trade in some of those layers for some gorgeous dresses and light weight sweaters, yes Please! The start of Spring also means it is time for a little spring cleaning of those closets, to make room for some of the hottest spring fashions. While it’s been a quiet year for the fashion world(and pretty much everywhere else), this season has unveiled some seriously bold and super stylish designs. From large and in charge blazers, to sleek yet stylish face masks to bold yellow and blue bags, the trending spring fashions are here and absolutely fabulous. So grab that glass of wine and let’s dive in.


Stylish Face Masks- 

Unfortunately,2021 fashions would not be complete without a few stylish face masks. The rage this season is all about stylish and comfortable face masks. We have to protect ourselves, so why not do it beautifully? These sleek  face masks match almost any outfit you wear, and they offer great coverage for your nose and mouth. A silky fabric offers a bit easier breathing. 

Oversized Blazers-  Bold, colorful and oversized-these blazers can really be paired with anything. You can easily dress up or dress down and look amazing (and not to mention effortless). This chic creates that long silhouette that is perfect for just about any occasion. So many styles to choose from, you are bound  to find one  that compliments your unique sense of style.

All things  Pastel-   One hot fashion trend this season is pastel tones. From gorgeous light blue outwear to light pink spring dresses, pastel is the way to go this Spring. Soft, light and seriously compliments any skin tone. We absolutely love this trend.


Bright and bold bags-   Yellow and Blue Bags (not  together!) seemed to have dominated the runway this year and this is one trend that is right up our alley. A super easy trend to replicate. Just grab your fave Portovino  Bag  and call it a day. Seriously though, any of our wine bags will add that extra sense of  style to finish off your look.

Head Scarves- This sleek fashion trend from the 60’s is making a comeback. Choose from a silky design with floral motifs or intricate patterns, or keep it simple with bold colors, really so many great options. Not only do these stylish head scarves protect your hair from the elements, they also let you channel your inner Grace Kelly.

Spring has sprung and for us that is a reason to celebrate. Warmer weather means more  time outdoors,shedding those layers and getting ready for summer! So raise your glass with us. Happy Spring!


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