Springtime, Wine Time

In celebration of the new season, there’s nothing more magical and relaxing than lazing around with a cup of tasty wine. These dainty drinks are perfectly tuned with the beautiful flavors of spring. So, it’s time to pump up the fun with your fave wines and enjoy the midday basking under the warm sun.

Sauvignon Blanc

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First on the list is the Sauvignon Blanc or any Sauvignon blends. What’s not to like with these wine staples? These fine wines are fresh and zesty, much more if you’ve got some goat’s cheese or seafood dishes on your table. For newbies, take a sip of the tasty Arinto and the rest will be history.


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Elegant high-toned whites that are affordable, Muscadet is a great starter for the spring season. These peachy, apricot-flavored wines uniquely feature dead yeasts and grape skin to add more creaminess and twist to your drink. Pair this wine with some oysters and other seafood options for a hearty spring session.

Light Rosé

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Of course, rosé wines will always be something to look forward to during springtime. These refreshingly light and fruity bottles are perfect for the sunny days and windy nights. There are plenty of rosé wines but one champion rosé that gives a more special vibe is Provence. Featuring a myriad of grapefruit and red berries, this light-bodied wine is your go-to spring essential.

Dry Riesling

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The uniqueness of dry riesling makes it a springtime favorite. With a juice that’s bright and refreshing, you’ll enjoy the fine and tasty kick on your taste bud and tummy for quite some time. So, if you’re looking for a modest wine with crisp and fresh tones, dry riesling will never be a disappointment.


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Sparkles for spring. Prosecco continues to be one of the most well-loved wines for spring that  you shouldn’t miss. Utterly enticing, these sparkling wines are much more fascinating when it hits your taste buds. The crisp summer fruits and the affordable bubbles are just some of the reasons why this refreshing drink is Italy’s most popular sparkling wine.

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