Staying green while celebrating Earth Day

The world’s most celebrated environmental occasion is fast approaching. Throwing a party or attending one doesn’t save you from being an eco-friendly party-goer. Instead, it’s the perfect time to be one! While off celebrating Earth Day, staying green is the most rewarding way to keep track of the planet’s festivity.

And of course, the purpose of throwing a party this Earth Day is to protect and respect the planet, and using and doing things that will only do the opposite would only be useless. The oldie but forever goldie “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” is the best thing to do while enjoying the party of the year. No need to make it grand and expensive! Recycling things and keeping everything green is the key to our very planet’s heart. Here are many ways to welcome April 22 in an environmentally conscious manner.

Drink out of glass instead of plastic

wine purse

A party isn’t a party without a glass of wine! Bringing your own wine glass isn’t only convenient on your part but also allows you to appreciate the value of reusing planet-friendly and non-polluting items for nature’s goodness. GOVERRE makes a great choice for a wine glass because of its portability, durability and more! It's time to ditch disposable plastic containers and embrace reusable, green-glasses!

Choose environmental-friendly alternatives to plastic straws

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And while you’re busy sipping that wine from GOVERRE wine glass, you can use other alternatives instead of using traditional plastic straws. Saving the oceans can be done with the first great step of deciding not to use plastic straws. Choose from steel to paper to bamboo straws to no straws at all! Party and save the planet at the same time!

Avoid using water bottles

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Using plastic water bottles on Earth Day wouldn’t live up to the purpose of the celebration, right? Why not choose reusable, portable ones such as stainless steel or ceramic bottles?

Use old fabric or leaves as wine decorations

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Giving away items that use earth-friendly resources to people is one way of giving back to nature. Instead of having costly plastic wrappers, you can wrap your gift wines with old fabrics and leaves. 

Recycle wine bottles

wine purse


wine purse

Recycling wine bottles give way to tons of artistic ideas! Wine bottles can be creatively used as containers for flowers and a lot more! Stay earthly as possible!

To fully incorporate the 'staying green' theme, check out our Vegan wine products.  


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