Summer Road Trip Essentials For An Epic Summer Adventure

Itching for a spectacular summer road trip? Summer is a time where endless road trips begin. But packing for a good road trip can be challenging. To make sure your next getaway would be as epic as planned, pack along with this summer road trip essentials list.

GPS Navigation App

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Even a spontaneous road trip needs a map! And without a doubt, GPS navigation apps are way more convenient than traditional paper maps. Download some of the ever popular navigation and social traffic apps like Waze, TomTom GO, CoPilot, HERE WeGo, and Google Maps.


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Charger, headset, tablet, cellphoneㅡ name it, all these will help you in times of emergency. But more than that, these will also make any road trip more memorable and fun. Always charge your electronics before you begin your trip.


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Since you will be on the road for hours, proper hygiene is a must. As road trips will not save you from dust and pollution, you must bring your own cleanser, alcohol, deodorant, sunscreen and other go-to face and body essentials.

Snacks and Drinks

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Time to be practical! Bring your food favorites, from chips to chocolates and soda to fruit juices! Also, make sure to add healthy options such as apples, nuts and yogurt while marveling the road.



Store your belongings inside a sturdy bag to keep them intact and clean while you wander around the scenic terrains. As much as possible, opt for backpacks like our PortoVino Day Pack instead of hard suitcases because these are easier to carry and squeeze around, plus you have an added benefit of a 1.5 liter bladder that holds ANY beverage of your choice! ;) 

Sets of Clothes

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Dress according to the weather! Since it is summer season, where the sun is scorching hot, opt for loose and cotton clothes. And, no need to bring the entire wardrobe, just enough sets of clothes to keep you going.

First Aid Kit

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Not all road trips guarantee safety. So, it’s better to be prepared than to keep counting on your luck. Bring a first aid kit packed with band-aids, medicines, alcohol, creams, antiseptic wipes and the like. Stack all of these in one pouch for easier access.

Roadside Emergency Kit

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No one wants to be stuck in the middle of a deserted road, with a broken tire—all armless and teary. So, you always need to be ready with your roadside emergency kit. Load it with a flashlight, roadside flares, spare tire, and others you think will be necessary.


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