Summer Wines: What to Drink This Season

In full anticipation of endless beach escapades and reveled night parties, summer is always a season in full swing. But what’s better than to enjoy the heatwaves with a glass of wine in one hand (or two)? As most summer enthusiasts would say, there’s more to summer than sipping rosé. From crisp white blends to chilled reds, let the summer-lovin’ hit its stride with these tasty wines


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So, let’s begin the summer wine list with the cult favorite— rosé wines. When it’s warm outside, you’ll need a dose of rosé exuding different fruity flavors. With a promise of crisp breeze on the horizon, these ‘pink’ wines often signal the start of summer. 

Pinot Grigio

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For a perfect summer fare, you’ll never go wrong with Pinot Grigio. Simply light and irresistibly refreshing, these wines are great for the hot summer trips. Whether you want something minerally, fruity or dry, this kind of wine often complements everything on the table. No wonder it’s an ideal party sipper for every summer lover.

Sauvignon Blanc

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Another summer favorite for the outdoors is the Sauvignon Blanc. With its bursting fruit flavors, this white wine with perfect weight is a summer charm. It is considered one of the most sought-after wines as it plunges right into the tongue with its unique tang of green apple, meadowgrass, lime, white peach and passion fruit, together with a slight brisk acidity that you’ll never forget.


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This charmingly energetic Chardonnay never fails to be part of the summer wine list. Most of these elegant wines are great for any seafood selection, as well as chicken recipes because of its light to moderate alcohol content with a dash of crispiness and tingling fresh.


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Riesling is oozing with distinct flavors and aroma, making it a famed wine during the scorching heat season. Featuring high acidity and aromatic display, Riesling wines are perfect for long summer excursions. Its versatility also gives a lot of options for everyone.


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Who says bloody red is not welcomed during the summer season? Well, maybe you haven’t taken a sip of the fruity and sweeter Merlot. Not only does this red wine bring a dash of brilliance to a glass wine but also versatility to any summer food! A light-bodied and fruit-driven drink, Merlot is surely one of the favorite all-rounder reds.

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