Tasty Ideas for Your Leftover Wines

If you think you can no longer utilize those excess wines from last night’s party, think twice because there are heaps of fun ways to scoop those tasty drinks and make some magic. Make the most out of your leftover wines with these tasty ideas that will surely save you a couple of bucks and use up that last bit of wine glory in your cabinet.

Red Winesicles

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First things first, once you open the bottle, the wine promptly starts to oxidize, causing chemical disintegration such as fading color, loss aroma and less potent flavor. So, if you want to maximize the wine shelf life, you can try some red winesicles. These refreshingly healthy and tasty popsicles are very simple to make. Throw your favorite cocktail combos like black and blueberries, peaches and apples into a mold of red, then put them in the freezer. And there you have it, your homemade red winesicles!

Drunken Pasta

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Looking for a healthy and easy meal using your leftover wine? Well, you’ll never go wrong with the drunken pasta! Since this is a boozy treat, you need to choose the right ingredients and, of course, follow the right guidelines. First, the noodles must be soaked half of their cooking time in water and the other half in wine. Best elements to be added on your drunken pasta are cheese, garlic, parsley, chili peppers and olive oil.

Hearty Red Beef Bourguignon

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Just look at the beautiful mauve tint on your dish—such a heavy meal material! So, it’s time to forego your traditional bowl of beef stew and try some dramatic and savory presentation like that of a hearty beef bourguignon. This yummy meal is best sprinkled with some parsley and served with some toasted potatoes and bread.

Cabernet Burgers

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Don’t dare miss these mouthwatering cabernet-marinated burgers. With the luscious patty infused in red, these cabernet burgers are seriously sexy! The aromatic red juices give a whole new dimension to your so-so burger meals. So from now on, you can depend on these delectable burgers with a twist for your tailgating parties.

Sweet and Sparkling Shrimp and Corn Risotto

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This recipe is oozing with a very unique yet savory balance of sweet and spice. The sweet corn and palatable shrimp combination exudes a more flavorful feast with the help of some sparkling wine. A splash of this brut-styled wine boosts the innate flavors of the ingredients that will surely create a lasting tang on your taste buds.


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