The Best Exotic Travel Destinations

There are those of us who dream about visiting exotic locations, others who pack their bags and go and still others who rather just read about it.  Well, wherever you land on the spectrum, chances are you enjoy a glass of wine whether you are off the beaten path or lounging on your couch.  So, we decided to come up with a list of those exotic locations and you decide – are you going to just enjoy the read or hop on Travelocity and make some travel plans. So grab that glass of wine, sit back and enjoy some amazing travel destinations.

Canary Islands - Craving a European getaway but not quite ready to vacation in a city life setting? The Canary Islands may just be the perfect solution with its breathtaking scenery (from beaches, to volcanos, to forests) and gorgeous climate make these islands a top choice for getting away from the hustle and bustle. Consider doing a vacation rental as most have their own private access to a beach as well as private pools so you can simply relax and unwind. After you get that much needed R&R, go explore the small cities, dine on the Spanish cuisine and frequent the local shops.

Colchagua Valley, Chile -Wine tasting, wine tasting and more wine tasting, Yes please! Santiago, Colchagua Valley is one of the 4 main wine regions and definitely a place for any wine lover to visit. This region is home to many award-winning wines reds like cabernet sauvignon and merlot, so go ahead and do a wine tasting or three. In between tastings, you can enjoy fine dining, luxury hotels, spectacular vistas, exquisite landscape and of course some shopping. Be sure to spend at least one night star gazing as the skies are so clear that the night sky is just spectacular.

Lombok, Indonesia- A travel destination that is not well known but an absolutely amazing little gem. Lombok is where you should head if you want tropical relaxation ( um yes please) without having to deal with a lot of crowds. You’ll find surf breaks, a looming volcano, waterfalls, beaches and temples and so much more.

Moab, Utah Looking for an amazing getaway but not ready to leave the country, yet? With two national parks in and around Moab, this city deserves to be on a travel list every year. Simply spend a few days taking in the red rock landscape that the area is known for as well as scenic rivers, forests and mountains nearby.

Costa Rica- Costa Rica is a small country that packs a punch. Whether you are into pristine beaches for surfing or sunbathing, or mountains for hiking and a variety of eco adventures, to nature watching from monkeys to birds and more, this country has it all. And when you are ready to just relax, the hotels and spas are there to make sure you get your R&R in.

Whether you stopped halfway through to make your booking or have discovered a rabbit hole of  YouTube videos of couch potato adventures, cheers! The world is a big beautiful place with so much adventure -  enjoy!






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