The best Fall cocktails to enjoy at home

Whether you are planning a small get together or enjoy a night cap around the bonfire, we have rounded up some of the best Fall cocktails that you can enjoy at home. Fall weather can get quite chilly and personally we simply love coming home and curling up with a nice warm festive cocktail. After all, relaxing with a delicious cocktail in hand after a long day or week is one of life's little  pleasures. No matter if you fancy a classic apple cider based beverage, a tequila tipple, or a warm spiked hot chocolate these autumn cocktails will have you racing home to get your evening fix.

Apple Pumpkin Beer What a great way to wind down and celebrate fall at the same time? This delightful mix of bourbon, some Pumpkin Ale, a little apple cider will definitely delight your taste buds and warm you up.

Grown up Hot Chocolate-  We'd like to introduce you to the grown-up version of your favorite childhood hot cocoa. Step back to those childhood days when you would warm up after a day in the snow with some piping hot chocolate, just elevated a bit. Enjoy this beverage by the bonfire or the fireplace and just feel that warmth (and the stress of the day just melt away)

Classic Warm Fall Drink- Nothing says Fall more than sipping a hot toddy after a long day at work. A hot toddy will lift your spirits on a cold rainy day (or snowy day) and this is even more true when you sweeten it with some maple syrup. Can’t wait to try this one!

Pumpkin Pie Martini -Truth be told that the only thing that could possibly make this delicious martini even better would be enjoying this with a yummy slice of pumpkin pie. This drink screams Fall and a delightful way to wind down and relax.

Make ahead pitchers- Sometimes when you get home or the kids are finally in bed, the last thing you want to do is whip up a drink. That is why we love the idea of this festive fall bourbon punch that you can make ahead and just leave in the fridge. Grab a glass when the house is quiet and have a nightcap with this dreamy treat. 

Don’t they all sound delish? We know that Fall is sweater weather and soup season, but it is also time to enjoy the spices and smells of fall with some of these fall drinks.Why not  fill up your Portovino Wine purse and then head outside by the bonfire and really enjoy this beautiful time of year. Cheers!


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