The Best Summer Solstice Party Ideas

Summer solstice is probably the most anticipated day for all summer lovers, and an epic long-day party would be super fun with friends and family. The prolonged day calls for a nonstop gathering full of colors, decors, and good food. From picnics to beach getaways, here are some of the best summer solstice party ideas for you and your squad. Best of all, it's on a Thirsty Thursday! 

Personalized Party Invites

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Kick off the summer season by sending these party invites to your guests! Make it personal and include some festive vibes to your cards. Chic party invitations are much more appealing than those plain and boring letters. You can also send them digitally via Facebook and Instagram through a DM to a group of friends! 

Cozy Outdoor Setting

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There’s nothing more fitting than a laidback setting freckled with adorable pillows, carpets, poufs and tablecloths! Rock all the colorful hues to complement the summer sun. Don’t forget to load on the florals because pretty blooms are downright perfect for the season and the occasion!

Frozen Cocktails

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But of course, you will never go wrong with some frozen cocktails. Mouthwatering popsicles and boozy slushies are truly to die for! And you will not regret making all these yummy, frozen treats by yourself because these are very easy to make. Just mix your favorite cocktail drinks with some vibrant fruits, chill, and serve!

Sweet and Healthy Treats

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The summer table would not be complete without some delectable desserts. So aside from a platter of grilled chicken, picnic burritos, vegetable spring rolls, shrimp salad and more, make sure to fill the dinette with some sweet and healthy treats like toasted bread with fresh fruits, grilled peaches, berry cobblers, and chocolate-dipped banana pops.

Face Paint

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Are you ready for a summer of full of colors? Summer solstice is the best time to unleash your creative side. Create a face painting station and lay out as many colors as you want. Let your guests do their own or their pal’s makeup, and witness how a simple summer solstice party can turn into a vibrant, fun and adorable activity.

Cute Headpieces

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If you’re looking for the perfect headpiece for summer, flower crowns will never lose its magic. These have always been a staple during summer events and musical festivals. If you aren’t into flower crowns, you can make your own DIY headpiece.

Colorful Lights

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Don’t forget some fairy lights or string lights to create a warmer and homey ambience. Be creative and dress up your plants with these colorful illuminations so that you’ll have a more ethereal and memorable summer solstice party!


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