The best ways to use your Portovino this summer.

Whether you’re planning a girls night out, movie date, hike, shopping spree or a pool party, our PortoVino totes, purses backpacks and messengers bags, will surely make your activity more exciting. To fuel your imagination, we put together some of the best ways (at least in our opinion) to use your PortoVino! So grab your Portovino and get ready to make some amazing memories this summer

Pool Party- The PortoVino Beach Tote is perfect for any pool party or beach escapade! There’s nothing more convenient and captivating than pouring your fave beverage from your bag and seeing people’s amazing reactions. Trust us when we say the reactions are priceless! Did you know that each purse features a pouch that holds two full bottles of wine or 1.5L of any beverage of your choice? Our Swankey design even holds 3L:). Yes, and that means non-stop fun and all-day partying by the beach or at the pool with you friends!

Movie Nights- Planning a date night or movie night at home this summer? Nothing is worse than having to pause the movie to get another round of drinks, right? Thankfully your beautiful Portovino Classic Purse  is the perfect option to come the rescue. With its sturdy construction, you can just fill up with your favorite cocktail, prop up on the table and hit play. Enjoy movie night in style and uninterrupted!

Picnics/BBQ- Getting together with some friends to enjoy that beautiful weather? Make that event a bit more enjoyable when you serve some drinks right from your Portovino City Tote. These stylish, yet casual totes have an insulated pouch to help keep those drinks nice and chilled. Our Swankey 'Cooler on the Go' design are also a great option for your picnics as they makes it extra convenient to bring all your picnic items as well as your beverages with the extra large insulated compartment on the bottom. Who needs to lug a bulky cooler when you have the PortoVino Swankeys!

Concerts/Festivals- After the year we had, we all deserve a break! With the return of live music this summer what better way to celebrate than toasting and raising your glass of your favorite beverage. Being outside with friends, listening to live music and enjoying a glass of red wine sounds like a pretty amazing time to us! 

Hiking- If getting out into the outdoors is your thing, the PortoVino has your covered with ample amounts of your beverage of choice. Grab the PortoVino daypack, perfect for storing your binoculars, first aid kit and 1.5L of cold refreshing water... or surprise your friends and treat everyone to a rewarding crisp cup of white wine after your hike! 

Shopping dates- Since all of our PortoVino's are glamorous, you can take them to your shopping date with your girlfriends, and expect for a stylish and convenient shopping spree with well deserved wine breaks! The PortoVino Roma handle bag, Tokyo backpack or LA clutch are a perfect option for those cute outings.. The LA clutch and Roma are compact and have crossbody straps for hands free shopping and still hold a full bottle of wine. The Tokyo backpack is also a hands-free option with more room for your things, but still allows for hands free. These bags are fashionable and are always accessible anytime you’re ready for your next sip. After all, shopping is hard work. Cheers!

 We hope you have an amazing summer. How will you use your Portovino? 


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