Tailgate in Style This Season

Without a doubt, tailgating is the best way to welcome the football season. It’s often one of the most social parts of going to a game—before you get stuck in those stadium seats, it’s a chance to let loose and catch up with friends. Just make sure you have all the following essentials on your list to make sure you have the most epic party in the whole parking lot.


 Party Food and Snacks

PortoVino tailgating

You can do this a few ways. 
The Take It Easy Approach (This is my personal favorite). Bring a range of easy-prep, easy-to-eat appetizers, dips, and snacks so you don’t have to lift a finger, aside from opening packages. There are so many ready-made foods out there that you can still look like a champ. 

The Home Made Gourmet. If you’re ambitious and want to show off some chef skills, bring a grill. Go all out with burgers, sausages, bacon-wrapped hot dogs, grilled pizza, and barbecued wings. You know best what you like to indulge in on game night. 

Make sure you know if anyone has any dietary restrictions or if you want to try something a bit healthier, here are some suggestions.  Try some charred corn salad, collard green slaw, deviled eggs, or veggies with dip. Caprese salad is also an easy, three-ingredient dish that’s healthy and goes well with a glass of wine before the game.


Cooking Essentials and Eating Utensils
PortoVino tailgating

If you’re cooking on site, don’t forget your grill, propane, charcoal, food tongs, paper towels, plates, cups, utensils, napkins, and trash bags. Depending on your cooking skills or how fun of a crowd you have, you might want to bring a portable fire extinguisher….just in case.


Favorite Beverages
PortoVino tailgating

The ice chest and ice is of vital importance to the intrepid tailgater. Bring a cooler loaded with ice packs so that you can store everything in one place. Aside from beer, wine, and cocktails, sneak in some water to hydrate you all throughout the activity. A bottle opener and a corkscrew are must-haves unless you bring your PortoVino.  In which case you can forget the trouble of bottle openers, corkscrews and glass bottles by packing your wine and spirit beverages in your PortoVino Purse where you could surprise your friends and pour drinks from the insulated compartment.  


Canopy and Camping Furniture
PortoVino tailgating

Outshine all the other tailgaters with your reliable canopy that gives all the coverage you need from the UV rays or from the rain. If you have any other camping furniture like folding chairs or tables, bring these along so everyone can sit back and chill before the game. You might take even more advice from the camping world and bring along some bug spray and sunscreen, depending on the weather and time.


Music and Games
PortoVino tailgating

Nothing brings out your party essentials like speakers.  Get the tailgate going with some great music. Opt for a wireless speaker if you don’t want to kill your car battery.  Don’t stop there, bring along the fun activities like corn hole, frisbee and a football. Bring a folding table, ping pong balls, and cups for some beer pong. If you're trying to class it up, try a little wine-pong!


Get There Early
PortoVino tailgating

Sometimes tailgating overshadows the main event. Set up early if you don’t want to fight for space in jam-packed parking lots. You’ll need to allow time to set up, cook, eat, drink, relax, and then pack it all in again before the game starts. A little time-management can ensure you actually get to chill during your own tailgate party.

Have the best tailgate party ever—bring your PortoVino wine bag!





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