The Perfect Election Party ( no matter your political affiliation)

Whoever you are rooting for this election, you are most likely on pins and needles - hoping your ticket wins!  One thing we can all agree on is that we definitely need a drink to either celebrate or drown our sorrows!!

First things first - if you haven’t already, make sure you hit the polls and make your voice be heard and encourage your friends and family too!  If you have already cast your vote, or mailed it in,  now it is time to plan your election night festivities. We’ll help with some drink and snack ideas to make sure no matter who you are celebrating with, your night will be a bit more fun!

Partying with a room full of Democrats?

Go blue with this simple and easy to make drink that shows your patriotic support. This Pacific Breeze  only requires minimal ingredients and is absolutely delish. In fact this cocktail was the number one drink served at the 2012 Democratic convention, so have a toast and enjoy.

Another great and simple option is serve up the Democrat (yes there really is a drink called this).Treat your guests to this lovely peach and bourbon cocktail as you watch the votes come in.

No election night party would be complete without some great snacks to keep your guests energy levels up as we all know this could be a long night. So why not satisfy their sweet tooth with some patriotic cake pops - This patriotic red, white and blue cake pop tray is sure to be a hit


Hosting a Republican Party 

A simple (and red) drink that just seems so fitting for a political party would be the Americano. Just the name alone makes this an ideal choice for your guests. We love the simplicity of this drink and not to mention it is super yummy. (link here)

Prefer something very red to show your true colors? This Patriot Punch packs quite a punch and is sure to delight your guests. Kick up your drinks and add a little American Flag in each one and toast to our great country! 

Let’s face it, no matter who we are rooting for, we are all patriots and enjoy late night sweets, so the American Flag cake pop tray above will work great for any guests.  If you prefer good old fashioned cupcakes a la Americana instead, these mini cupcakes will hit the spot.. Opt all red if you want to accentuate the mood of the Republican Party.

Have a room of mixed parties?

Kudos to you, as you are one brave person! In order to keep the mood light and the fights at bay, just choose to go more patriotic. Showcase your love for all things USA with red, white and blue drinks . Top off the evening with some of these All American quick eats  and enjoy the evening. One important thing to keep in mind is when the results come in, find a way to keep your emotions in check. In the event your candidate wins (we know you are bursting at the seams) but do your best not to gloat! Cheers!

We personally want to thank you for taking the time to vote. You have done your civic duty and you have made your voice heard and for that you should be proud.



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